17 Games Like Metal Slug Defense

Games Like Metal Slug Defense

Metal Slug Defense is a mix of the journey, Tower-defense, method, Pixel Graphics, 2D single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and posted through SNK enterprise. This game gives excessive gameplay with action twist and lets the participant pick his certainly one of many gamers to begin the game with a variety of challenges and with primary gear. Within the gameplay, up to 4 gamers can cross against each different in a single-on-one or on- epic battle in Multiplayer modes. There are extra than -hundred characters available split into 5 armies, together with Marians, Morden military, normal navy, and so forth. Players in battles to keep the sector from enemy assaults. It is played from an aspect-scroll angle, and the participant must region towers to shield the land whilst defeating the enemies by way of sending his troops to kill. There are lots of hard missions available, and the sport rewards the player with factors for each finished stage, which the participant can use to improve his tower, army and guns. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and extraordinary graphics, Metal Slug Defense is the high-quality recreation to play and revel in. 

Metal Slug Defense gets attention a thousand of people. We think that you have the right to know more. So let’s scroll down and check our list of games like Metal Slug Defense.  

2. Swords and Soldiers II

Swords and Soldiers II
Swords and Soldiers II is a Side-scroll Puzzle and strategy video game, published and developed by means of Ronimo Games BV for Nintendo Wii U. This game capability both Single-player and Multiplayer modes and springs with fabulous hand-lively art with infinite replayability. In the sport,... View more

3. Castle Crush

Castle Crush
Castle Crush is a Collectible Card, Strategy, single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Fun Games For Free. This game takes region inside the stunning international complete of different gamers from all around the international. It could the player create his powerful deck from available... View more

4. Teelonians: Clan Wars

Teelonians: Clan Wars
Teelonians: Clan Wars is a Strategy, Turn-based Tactics, and Single-player video game performed from an aside-scroll perspective. This game takes area in the notable international invaded by way of enemies. You count on the function of the commander and your number one goal is to... View more

5. Cat War2

Cat War2
Cat War2 is a Tower-Defense, Strategy, Side-scroll and Single-player online game created and published by WestRiver for Android and iOS systems. This game takes the region in the high quality global and revolves around among factions, which includes Cat and canine. You could assume the... View more

6. StickWars 3

StickWars 3
StickWars 3 is a Strategy, facet-scroll and single-participant video game created and posted by Flashman Games LLC. This sport takes place inside the stunning world and casts you within the position of the protagonist who's an Evil. The principal aim is to manipulate the protagonist... View more

7. Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy
Stick War: Legacy is a strategy and single-player video game developed by Max games Studios for both Android and iOS equipment. The gameplay is a mixture of RTS, Base constructing, and turn-primarily based combat factors. It helps you to control your army, construct your units... View more

8. Cartoon Wars: Gunner

Cartoon Wars: Gunner
Cartoon Wars: Gunner is an Action, Arcade, Side-Scroll and single-player video game that offers role-playing functions developed and published by Gameevil Inc. The game takes location within the notable global and introduces stick parent characters to pick out and play. The tale centres on among... View more

9. Cartoon Wars Blade

Cartoon Wars Blade
Multiplayer online game takes place ten years after the Cartoon Wars Blade This game forged the player within the function of the brave protagonist and revolves around his conflict to discover a distant land. At some stage in his journey, the player... View more

11. Cartoon Wars

Cartoon Wars
Cartoon Wars is an Arcade, Side-scroll, and real-time strategy video game for both Android and iOS equipment. It takes vicinity within the cartoon international and revolves around tribes consisting of the Black and the White tribes. In accordance with the story, both tribes have been... View more

12. Alien Hallway

Alien Hallway
Alien Hallway is an Action, Arcade, and single-player video game developed and published by way of Sigma group Inc. for Microsoft Windows. This game mixes the taking pictures and approach factors and takes location inside the breathtaking global wherein gamers can degree their stamina with... View more

13. Age of War 2

Age of War 2
Age of War 2 is an awesome Action, Single-player, and Strategy video game which is developed as well as published by Max Games Studios for Android and iOS devices. The game takes place in a stunning environment, it lets you... View more

17. Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition

Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition
Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition is a first-person playing role, action, arcade, single-player, and multiple-player video game which was developed by Lickthund and launched by Crunching Koalas. The game performs thrilling features and it occurs in the Ancient Germanic Future, this place consists of... View more