49 Games Like FTL: Faster than Light

Games Like FTL: Faster than Light

FTL: Faster than Light which developed by Subset games is a roguelike, real-time strategy and shooting simulation video game. According to the story of the game, you control a crew and an FTL capable spaceship that is tasked to deliver critical information to an allied fleet of spaceships. The main goal of you is to guide your ship safely all the way to your allied fleet and deliver the information by dodging and saving your ship from the rebel ship attacks. You are allowed to conquer your enemies by directly getting into the permadeath styled combats, in a roguelike fashion. You must capture and storage of data packets, captured from intercepting communications Rebel ship and send it to the Federation. The game offers story is written and quite relevant, graphics Ultra-HD is crafted and the game completely very addictive, this is a game to discover great space and video games RTS to play and enjoy.

FTL: Faster than Light is the best game to play, but you can play other games that have the same great features. In this post, we offer a list of many games like FTL: Faster than Light, read more below.

1. Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is known as a Sci-Fi Roguelike video game developed by Digital Eel. The game is served as a direct sequel to Strange Adventures in Infinite Space that takes you to the fictional settings of Milky Way and puts you... View more

4. Star Wars: Empire at War

Star Wars: Empire at War
Star Wars: Empire at War is a cool game with amazing RTS video that leads you right to intergalactic contrasts and allows you to have the Real-Time Tactics in the stunning new fashion. The intense opposite between the Rebels and the Empires lets you select... View more

6. Space Borders: Alien Encounters

Space Borders: Alien Encounters
Space Borders: Alien Encounters is a great game combined between RTS and Strategy video game. This game can be played in both Multiplayer Online and Single mode. The game can also lead you to the unforgettable outer space trip in which your important mission is... View more

9. Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet
Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is a combination between Roguelike Authentic Time Trick and Sci-Fi video game installed in the outta space environment. The game lets you be a role of a Space Fleet leader who got in the trouble to keep the craft saved. The... View more

10. Evochron Mercenary

Evochron Mercenary
Evochron Mercenary is a cool game developed from the inspiration of Freelancer consisting of Space Discovery, and Combat. The game is installed in the similar Planet as the popular Star Wraith Episodes and requires the same gameplay, elevated machines and action-combo meetings with the opponents.... View more

16. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is a game developed by Tindalos Interactive which is a Single and Multiplayer Real-time Strategy and Space video game with Adventure and Fantasy elements. The game is held in the Universe of Warhammer 40,000 and offers an open space environment. There are six different... View more

17. Starfall Tactics

Starfall Tactics
Starfall Tactics is well-known as a Massively Multiplayer Online, Real-time Wargame that combines tactical combat with space customization. The game is held in the massive space environment and revolves around real-time strategy elements. There is a wide range of spaceships available to select and play. Your main... View more

18. Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox
Universe Sandbox is an Action, Profession, Physics-based, Galaxy, Adventure and Single-player Imitation progressed and released by Giant Army. The game occurs in a giant space atmosphere where you can construct, and damage anything that you imagine. It concentrates on real-time gravity, crash, climate, space... View more

22. Galaxy Phantasy Prelude

Galaxy Phantasy Prelude
Galaxy Phantasy Prelude is a cool game progressed by “Moonfish Software Limited”. It is freely played by MMORPG and Action-Adventure. The game leads you to an outer space and gets you into a responsibility of massive crafts to unexpected fights face to your opponents and... View more

23. Wing Commander: Privateer

Wing Commander: Privateer
Wing Commander: Privateer is a combination between Single-player, Action-Adventure, and Space Imitation progressed by Origin Systems and released by Electronic Arts. It occurs in the Wing Commander Planet and requires the giant space atmosphere in which you can be a part of the main character... View more

24. DarkStar One

DarkStar One
DarkStar One is a cool game containing Space Discovery, Selling and Combat Imitation just like Freelancer. The game is usually a recreate of the famous DarkStar One: Broken Alliance and requires a acquaintance gameplay, provided graphics, and mechanics and brings you to the familiar Planet... View more

25. Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online
Star Trek Online is a cool game containing a Sci-Fi themed MMORPG and Space Discovery video game by Cryptic Studios. The game tells a story known as Star Trek Episodes and requires a likely Gaming work. Star Trek Online wrote about the destruction of association... View more

27. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program
Developed and Published by Squad, Kerbal Space Program is a Building, Single-player Space Flight, Construction and Simulation game which was designed for many popular platforms like Xbox, Linux, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, etc. It focuses on the building by using the updated Unity Engine. You will get... View more

29. Subnautica

Subnautica is an interesting Action Adventure, Survival game. The game is set in the underwater alien world. Subnautica brings you to the future of the 22nd century, when humanity can discover and connect to alien planets. These high-class ships have been sent into space with exploration... View more

30. FTL: Advanced Edition

FTL: Advanced Edition
FTL: Advanced Edition, which is developed and published by Subset Games, is a cool mix of Strategy and Rough-like elements. The game is designed to play on multiple platforms and it is offers a single player mode only. FTL: Advanced Edition introduces a new race called... View more

31. No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky
No Man’s Sky by Hello Games is Science Fiction, Action, Survival and Adventure game with Exploration, Trade, Combat and Survival elements. It offers a Procedurally Generated environment and let you become the Traveller whose tasks is exploring more than 18 Quintillion planets, gathering information about them... View more

35. Astro Lords

Astro Lords
Astro Lords is an immersive game-play which brings a player to Combat Joyney and explore a marvelous the universe. With excellent 3D MMO, the games let you involve epic enemy encounters, occupation, and management simulation. Besides, the player will have real-time battles and combats against the... View more

37. Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire
Sins of a Solar Empire, which is developed by Ironclad Games and published by Stardock, is an awesome Strategy, Adventure, Science-fiction, RTS, Exploration, and Aliens Space video game. This game offers the player both Single and Multiplayer modes.  With Sins of a Solar Empire, you control... View more

40. Freelancer

Freelancer is a cool game containing both Single and Multiplayer mode, Combat, Trick, and Trading game. Located in Area in which you behave as a Freelancer pilot challenges you to discover various Planets and Space Stations all on 48 different Star-Systems. The combat section of... View more

41. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is a tactical strategy video game. In the game, you are allowed to become an ambitious captain named Marcus Cromwell, who commanded a spacecraft named Stiletto and other ships in the fleet. The main task of you is to try and break... View more

43. Sword of the Stars 2: Enhanced Edition

Sword of the Stars 2: Enhanced Edition
Sword of the Stars 2: Enhanced Edition is a wonderful RTS and tactics video game. The game provides with amazing upgrades and offers wonderfully enhanced characteristics. This RTS and brilliant Tactics game allow you to have a number of DLC as new characters, skins, combat, badge... View more

45. Galactic Civilizations II

Galactic Civilizations II
Galactic Civilizations II by Stardock Entertainment is a turn-based, sci-fi, space, strategy, 4X, and single-player video game. The game offers a single-player campaign that comprises two different modes such as sandbox and campaign. In order to enter into the space environment, you have to create your... View more

46. Ace Online

Ace Online
Ace Online, which is a brilliant Strategy and RPG game-play in a very beautiful manner, offers the combination of the Action and 3D MMO genres together. With Ace Online, you will opportunity to dive into the game with a Futuristic setting and this game allows you... View more

47. Pirate Galaxy

Pirate Galaxy
Pirate Galaxy, which is known as a cool Browser-based Sci-Fi MMO video game. Pirate Galaxy takes you to the depths of Galaxy to explore various Star-Systems, engage in epic fights with the enemies to seize control over Planets and to finish various game missions. The game... View more