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Strategy video games or strategy games are an interesting and popular video game genre that focuses on skillful and logical thinking and planning to achieve the victory. If you are a fan of this cool and challenging game genre, Cool Games Like can introduce to you all the best strategy games!

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About Strategy games

As mentioned above, strategy games are an interesting video game genre that focuses on skillful and logical thinking and planning to achieve the victory. In fact, this game genre emphasizes strategic, tactical, and logistical challenges and makes the player must think carefully before doing any movement. In addition, lots of games also provide the players with economic challenges and exploration to make this game genre becomes richer and more attractive. Strategy games are usually classified into 4 subgenres depending on the elements of turn-based, real-time, strategy or tactics. In order to find out all about this game genre, let's scroll down to read more!

Definition of strategy games

Strategy video games are a popular genre of video game that focuses on strategic thinking and tactical planning to achieve the game's victory. Specifically, the players must plan a series of actions in order to create their own army and empire, protect them and finally defeat all the opponents and become the winner. Most of the strategy games allow the players to control the game under a godlike view of the game world and they also can control the game's units indirectly under their command. Thus, most of the strategy video games are about warfare and combine the elements of tactic and strategy. In addition to combat, lots of these games provide the player with the challenge of exploration or manage the economy.

Relationship of strategy games to other genres

Distinguishing between strategy games and action games.

Even though lots of action games involve the element of strategic thinking, they're rarely classified as strategy games because of the degree of the strategy element in the games isn't enough.A strategy game usually emphasizes the player's ability to think to defeat his opponents more than using the physical skills. In addition, a strategy game generally involves the level of symmetry between sides instead of having lots of enemies like action or adventure game genre.

Distinguishing between strategy games and puzzle and simulation games.

Different from puzzle games that the player must plan to solve the puzzle in isolation, the strategy games calls for planning a strategy around a conflict between at least 2 players. In addition, although involves the management of the economy, Strategy games are also distinct from the construction and management simulations game (CMS) because they emphasize the need for direct action upon an enemy but CMS games don't.

Distinguishing between strategy games and RPGs

Although both strategy games and role-playing video games involve management of units with a variety of numeric attributes, we can still differentiate these 2 game genre because RPGs usually have a smaller number of unique characters while strategy games focus on a large of numbers.

Strategy game’s design

Units and conflict

Strategy games provide the players with indirect control over a lot of units on the battlefield, and some games of this genre also offer the challenge of building construction. Usually, the players will command their forces by selecting a unit on the game's menu, then using mouse, keyboard shortcuts to control this. The units often can move, attack, stop, etc. or even have special abilities such as invisible, sailing, flying, repairing, or constructing.

In addition, conflict is also an important design of strategy game that allows the player to plan in order to against the opponents, which makes this game genre to become more attractive.

Economy, resources, and upgrades

Economy, resources, and upgrades are also the important designs in strategy games. Most strategy games combine the element of economic challenges that require players to build construction, population maintenance, and resource management. The accumulation of resources will help players convert into units or useful buildings. In addition, this game genre also allows the players to use resources for upgrades or research. Some of these upgrades will help improve the overall economy of the player or increase certain combat abilities.

Map and exploration

Being a game genre that emphasizes strategy, so, map is one of the most important design. The map with a top-down perspective will help the player to have a big picture view of the game world and create more effective strategies.

Exploration is also a key element of strategy games. The landscape is often shrouded in darkness with various terrains to make the game becomes more challenges because, even after exploring an area if the player doesn't patrol it, that area can become dim and give a good chance for the enemy to attack unexpectedly.

Real-time and turn-based

Real-time strategy game and turn-based strategy game are two important design of strategy game genre. They combine with other elements to categorize strategy game into many small subgenres. In fact, these 2 subgenres are just only different from time-keeping, real-time strategy offers a continuous gameplay while turn-based strategy offers a discrete gameplay.

Strategy and tactics

Most strategy games involve the combination of both strategy and tactics. These elements are considered as the most attractive points of this game genre. At the first sight, lots of people may mistake about the meaning of these 2 words. In fact, tactics usually refer to how to use troops in a battle, whereas strategy refers to the mix of troops, the battle's location, and the larger goals of the commander.

Settings and themes

Settings and themes also are the interesting points of strategy games. In fact, with each theme, strategy games can take place in various settings. For example, with a theme about warfare, the strategy game can take you back to the World War II, the medieval era, or the Napoleonic era with a lot of epic battles. The rich of settings and themes make this game genre be so large and attractive.

Subgenres of Strategy games


4X games are a subgenre of strategy video game. The name 4X comes from the acronym of 4 words including "explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate". These 4 verbs describe all about this genre that emphasizes economic development.


Artillery is also a subgenre of Strategy games for 2 or 3 players that involves the battle between tanks. These games usually are the turn-based games and they have been also described as shooting games.

Real-time strategy (RTS)

Real-time strategy games (also known as RTS) are a very popular subgenre of the strategy games and usually apply to computer strategy games. In these games, the players will have to make decisions and action continuous while the game's state changing constantly. This game genre is characterized by gathering resources, building bases, researching the technologies, and producing units.

Real-time tactics (RTT)

Real-time tactics games (also known as RTT video games) are a subgenre of tactical wargames that played in real-time. These games generally simulate the considerations and circumstances of warfare and military tactics. Although this game genre based on real-time, it still can be differentiated from RTS by the lack of resource and base micromanagement and emphasizes the complex battlefield tactics.


MMORTS is a popular term in the game and is the acronym of the phrase "Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy". This is a subgenre of strategy game that combines the elements of real-time strategy and a persistent world. Generally, in these games, the players will be taken into a virtual world; play in role of a general, king, or anyone who lead an army into the battles while maintaining the resources that is needed for the warfare.

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is a subgenre of strategy video games that gained popularity in the 2010s. This game genre is also known as action real-time strategy (ARTS) video games in which the player will control a single character in one or two teams. The main mission of the players is to destroy all the structures of the opponents.

Tower defense

If you are a longtime gamer, we're sure that you've heard about tower defense game genre at least once. This is a game genre that has a simple layout. Typically, in these games, there are a lot of computer-controlled monsters (usually called creeps) that move along a set path; the main mission of the players is to place or build towers along this path in order to kill the creeps. The players will earn money when killing the creeps and they also can use this earning to buy upgrades for a power tower.

Turn-based strategy (TBS)

Turn-based strategy (TBS) video games are a subgenre of Strategy games in which the players are allowed to think in a period of analysis before doing any movement. This is also a popular game genre with a lot of famous game titles such as Civilization, Making History, Advance Wars, Master of Orion, and Heroes of Might and Magic, etc.

Turn-based tactics (TBT)

Turn-based tactics (TBT) or also known as tactical turn-based video game (TTB) is a genre of the strategy games in which the players can control their army to battle through stop-action simulates the considerations and circumstances of the warfare and military tactics.


Wargames are also a subgenre of the strategy games that emphasize strategic or tactical warfare. In these games, the players will plan the strategic and tactical for their battles or select some areas to conquer.

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