13 Games Like Space Shuttle Simulator

Games Like Space Shuttle Simulator

Space Shuttle Simulator is a game developed by Thetis Games is an Exploration, and Single-player Space Simulation available to play on Android. You will pilot a spaceship through this game and can manipulate the massive space environment to interact with planets and other stars. You also can create your unique and powerful spaceship by connecting the parts together and can be sent it into space to fulfill your challenges and earn experience points. The game world concludes realistic planets and their moons revolving around them and asteroid moons. You will assume the role of the astronauts and engage yourself in space exploration experience. The gameplay looks easy but hard to master. Space Shuttle Simulator brings prominent features such as Realistic Sun, Asteroids Ring, Planet Moon, the Solar System and more. Space Shuttle Simulator is an amazing game as compared to other Space Exploration and Flight Simulations. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

Please don’t miss out these games like Space Shuttle Simulator or else you will feel regret for sure. Learn below.

2. Rocket: Mission Moon

Rocket: Mission Moon
FleiCom developed Rocket: Mission Moon as a Single-player Space Simulation for Android. In the game, it takes place in the space environment and lets you pilot your rocket throughout different missions such as reaching the moon, flying in winding weather, deliver... View more

3. First Stage Landing Simulator

First Stage Landing Simulator
First Stage Landing Simulator is developed as a superb Flight Simulation by Butterflyware Games for Android and iOS platforms. In the game, it supports Single-player mode and lets you an opportunity to become a pilot. Your job is to land your... View more

4. Space Flight Simulator Lite

Space Flight Simulator Lite
Guillermo Pawlowsky developed Space Flight Simulator Lite as a Space Simulation for Android platform. In the game, it takes place in the stunning space environment and offers fast-paced gameplay with Action element. Your primary objective is to build your rocket by... View more

5. Space Shuttle Pilot Simulator

Space Shuttle Pilot Simulator
Space Shuttle Pilot Simulator will let you an opportunity to become a space pilot and launch your dream space shuttle. The game is a combination of Exploration, Rocket Built, and Flight Simulation developed by Game Mavericks for Android and iOS platforms.... View more

6. Rocket Builder: Moon Landing

Rocket Builder: Moon Landing
Rocket Builder: Moon Landing is known as an addictive, Space Exploration, Rocket Builder and Single-player Simulation released y ThirdPill Studios for Android and IOS. There is a chance to create your amazing rocket from simple to complex using a variety of... View more

11. Space Rocket Nexus

Space Rocket Nexus
Space Rocket Nexus, which is developed and established by Submarine Mobile, is a wonderful Physics-based, Exploration, and Fight video game serves with Single-player mode for the Android platform. It lets you create your own rocket and fly it on the weightless environment.... View more

13. Rocket Sim

Rocket Sim
In Rocket Sim, it lets you create your dream rocket and launch it into space to interact with various objects. For this game, it is a mix of space exploration and flight simulation element available to play on Android platform by... View more