8 Games Like Pokémon Art Academy

Games Like Pokémon Art Academy

Pokémon Art Academy is known as an Education, Drawing, and Single-player video game developed by Headstrong Games and published by Nintendo. The game will act as the spin-off of the Art Academy series, introducing the characters from the franchise of Pokémon. This game is designed to teach the kids and the players how to draw various Pokémon characters through forty challenging and advancing lessons. In this game, the player advance through three skill levels such as Novice, Apprentice, and Graduate, while learning new art concepts and techniques with amazing and new tools like paintbrush and pastel being unlocked along the way. According to the storyline, the Novice course starts with skills such as angles, drawing portraits, and making shapes while following courses offer hatching, shading, opacity, and more. The player then can transfer each drawing to a Pokémon Trading Card Game upon completion, with a choice to include a background image. The game has a Free Paint Mode, enabling the player to draw whatever he wishes, with the choice to load templates. In the Quick Sketch mode, the player needs to make a simple drawing with limited and basic tools. Try it out, and you’ll love the game.

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1. Words With Friends

Words With Friends
Words With Friends is developed as a marvel in the genre of Word Puzzling and challenging games. The game allows you to build a number of words, and have your friends guessing them and it offers a multilingual support (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese... View more

2. What's The Phrase Free

What's The Phrase Free
What’s The Phrase Free is the game published and developed by Zynga about doing Puzzle and Challenging got from the Minutiae and Paint Something video games? This game lets you choose any one of 40 initial types, roll the wheel and see whether you lucky or... View more

3. Speed Guess Something

Speed Guess Something
Becoming a brand new addition to the puzzle genre, Speed Guess Something has an exciting and challenging gameplay. Because of being the sequel to the famous Draw Something, the game has the similar gameplay but improved mechanics and new challenges. In the game, you can freely... View more

4. Mini Golf MatchUp

Mini Golf MatchUp
Hours of relaxing, fun, and pure entertainment are what Mini Golf MatchUp, an addictive Puzzle, match-up, and trivia video game, gives to you. The game is officially available on both Android and iOS systems so that you can freely enjoy the game. It also challenges your online friends and family... View more

5. Dice With Buddies

Dice With Buddies
Both Android and iOS users are allowed to download this game app. This game challenge you with others opponents, which are your friends or a random one, into a specific and random number of every different turn. They also upgraded users who want to participate in Master Challenge in Dice... View more

6. Guess a Sketch

Guess a Sketch
Guess A Sketch is a puzzle game with single-player and multiplayer modes which was invented and developed by Spigo. The basic mission of this game is to ask players to draw a sketch for another player’s tasks. The game will force players to find friends to... View more

7. Hanging With Friends

Hanging With Friends
Hanging With Friends is considered as a brilliant Puzzle and Challenging game that offers a similar gameplay and mechanics to the popular Draw Something that lets you build your own secret words, and let your friends guess them. The game brings a game-play deeply inspired by the... View more

8. Matching With Friends

Matching With Friends
Matching With Friends is developed as a cool Puzzle based Trivia and QandA video game. The game allows you to challenge your friends throughout a variety of levels of amazing new puzzles and matching fun and it is developed by Zynga. Match some colorful tiles or... View more