43 Games Like Lasuni

Games Like Lasuni

Lasuni is a really funny simulation game that is loved by a lot of teenagers. Lasuni is only suitable for kids over the age of 13 years. These teenagers have an ability to access Lasuni directly from its website and enjoy the most fantastic experience ever. In Lasuni, you are not only able to customize your online avatar but also can take part in many other interesting games. Besides that, you can also make new friends and have some funny communications with them via the game. Also, Lasuni gives you many remarkable events like mini-games, quest and stuff. If you win, you can receive the in-game currency as a gift to buy items and virtual goods as dresses, decoration things, etc. Lasuni game offers a beautiful graphics, engaging and involving games to attract players. Specially, the game has an always working moderation staff to ensure that your gaming environment is always safe. Let try it out!

In fact, Lasuni is a great fun filed game and a lot of people are looking for other similar games as it. However, because of some undisclosed reasons, the game is discontinued. In this article, we have a list of 43 other games with the same type as Lasuni. These games can be your good choices for entertaining with wonderful graphics and remarkable experience like Lasuni. Read this article to learn more.

3. Kaneva

Kaneva is an amazing MMORPG virtual World Simulation that became a hit in 2004.  Up to now, it has still grown speedily and has had millions of registered players because this game offers you an exciting Second Life with wonderful Social Interaction, large amounts of content... View more

5. Pirate101

Pirate101 is an excellent pirate-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing video game (MMORPG) which was created and published by KingsIsle Entertainment on October 15, 2012. In the game, the player will be brought into a fictional universe of the Spiral. The universe is divided into several worlds and... View more

7. AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest Worlds
AdventureQuest Worlds is an impressive MMORPG with color graphics, developed by Artix Entertainment. In the game, you choose a character to enter the mysterious world. The game gives you four classes of characters: Rogue, Mage, Warrior and Healer. Then you will enter the game, fight with enemies,... View more

8. Hello Kitty Online

Hello Kitty Online
Hello Kitty Online or you can call with a shorter name HKO is a really fantastic MMO, RPG Virtual World Simulation. You are allowed to create several different things, gather resources, select and customize your own online avatar, socialize with other online players, make new friends... View more

9. Ekoloko

Ekoloko, which is an amazing Community and Browser-based Online Virtual Simulation, is placed for Tweens and young Adults. With wonderful gaming environment and Social Networking thematic, Ekoloko provides all the kids who love playing virtual world games with an interesting story-line, a realistic environment and community-based... View more

10. SuperSecret

SuperSecret is a fantastic Online Browser-based Massively Multiplayer, Role-Playing and Virtual World Simulation mostly for Teens. SuperSecret provides with a wonderful blend of Social and virtual world Simulation elements with 3D. Once you are in this gamed, you are allowed to visit several locations, gather hidden... View more

12. Gaia Online

Gaia Online
Gaia Online is an amazing 3D Social Networking and Virtual World Simulation. Once you are in the game world, you can enjoy the most interesting activities ever. You are not only allowed to create and customize your own anime character but you can also chat online,... View more

14. zOMG!

zOMG! is a great MMORPG video game with anime style graphics, developed by Gaia Interactive. Come to this game, you will experience a vast 3D open world with the creativity of youth. The game offers you various character classes, including male and female sex. The... View more

17. Garden Party

Garden Party
Garden Party is an interesting MMORPG, Browser-based and Virtual world Simulation for mostly Kids. Because of its popularization, Garden Party has thousands of players around the world, so that you can interact with other players, chat and do lots of awesome things together. You just need... View more

19. Zwinky

Zwinky is an amazingly fantastic Online Virtual World Simulation. This super cool game will take you to the Zwinktopia in which you can build and decorate your own rooms, “how it looks” depends entirely on your design capabilities. You are also allowed to explore this massive... View more

20. Animal Jam

Animal Jam
Animal Jam is an exciting MMO game developed by the WildWorks. This is an educational game that brings children a Fantasy Virtual World. The world in Animal Jam is called Jamaa, where the player can interact with a variety of ecological environments. With each ecological environment, the... View more

21. Onverse

Onverse, which is developed and established by Onverse, LLC, is a great 3D Social Network Virtual World and MMO, RPG Simulation. It is a game that you can play on PC or Macbook and it allows you to do many things such as create your profiles,... View more

22. Virtual Family Kingdom

Virtual Family Kingdom
Virtual Family Kingdom is a super amazing Community, MMO and RPG game. This Virtual World Simulation is mostly placed for all the Socializing lovers. As you can suppose by the name, Virtual Family Kingdom is all about families and it let you establish your own beautiful... View more

23. Second Life

Second Life
Second Life by Linden Research, Inc is an online community and MMORPG game. This virtual world game let you be a Vampire, Animal, Robot, Human or a Vehicle as a second life. You are allowed to choose and customize your 3D avatar which is best suits... View more

24. Meez

Meez, which is a wonderful 3D Social Networking, Virtual World Simulation, is played for free. It is mostly suitable for the Teens and Tweens, party and hangs out lovers. This super cool game allows you to get into the game world by creating and stylizing your... View more

25. Club Cooee

Club Cooee
Club Cooee is a fantastic 3D MMO, RPG game for all the social and community fans around the world. This game allows you to select your avatar and customize it by using the game options provided, then get into the game world. In Virtual World Simulation,... View more

26. YoWorld

Yoville by Big Viking Games now known as YoWorld, which is a Browser-based Virtual World Simulation, is played for free. This Facebook Specific video game was about to be shut down in 2014 but fortunately, Zynga saved it by rebranding and renaming Yoville to Y YoWorld,... View more

27. WeeWorld

WeeWorld is an extremely exciting Free, MMO and RPG game. It is set in a wonderful Virtual world of WeesMees with 2D graphics and Social Networking Simulation. This super cool game allows you to jump into the game word by choosing and customizing your online avatar... View more

28. SmallWorlds

SmallWorlds is a fantastic Browser-based Social Networking MMORPG game with virtual World. This game has a huge player base with over 20 Million users from around the world. It allows you to discover the world from a new insight and do whatever you want to do... View more

29. Our World

Our World
OurWorld by Flow Play is a fantastic Browser-based MMORPG game with the Online Virtual World and a social Simulations. The game has a huge player base, mostly Teens and Tweens who like playing community-based games. OurWorld offers a variety of avatar customization for you to choose,... View more

31. Smeet

Smeet is a brilliant Browser-based and MMO game. It is set in the Virtual World with the best 3D graphics Social Interaction and Dating Simulation elements. This game offers several exciting activities for you to join in and explore. With multi-lingual support, Smeet is one of... View more

32. Chit Chat City

Chit Chat City
Chit Chat City is one of the best Online Community and Browser-based MMO and RPG, which you can play for free. This Virtual World Simulation is mostly suitable for all those who love socially interacting, making friends online, dating and taking part in extremely fun activities.... View more

33. IMVU

IMVU is a Browser-based, Free-to-Play, MMORPG, and Social Interaction Virtual World simulation video game. In the game, you are allowed to create and customize their own virtual avatars, get into the game world, and interact with other online players, hang out with them, and make... View more

34. Wizard101

Wizard101 is an addictive Free-to-Play MMORPG which is made by KingsIsle Entertainment and released first on September 2nd, 2008. This is really an excellent game for family with many creative ideas. In this game, you will play as a student of witchcraft or a real - wizardry.... View more

35. Gleamville

Gleamville is a Social Networking, MMO, and RPG Virtual World Simulation which you can play for free. Like other Virtual World games, Gleamville allows you to get into the game world by selecting and beautifying your online avatar. After doing that, you can experience a huge... View more

43. Habbo

Habbo as known as Habbo Hotel is an extremely addictive Community - based, browser - based and MMORPG game. It aims at teens with virtual World Simulation. You are allowed to get into the game world by choosing and customizing your own online avatar, and then... View more