63 Games Like iAMFAM

Games Like iAMFAM

iAMFAM is a life simulation and virtual world video game. The game lets you judge how you want your life to be and also encourages you to build your home, start a family, have children, raise pets and take good care of all the people around you. The game allows you to choose and customize your family members, follow your career in any of the given fields earn money and spends it on the wellbeing of your family, take after them and your assets. It lets you upgrade your own and family member characters by going on different quests and completing them, modify your living space, control your resources by the use of better strategies and enjoy your life in a world of possibilities and enjoy. The game provides realistic visuals, wonderful gameplay, and many other interesting things for you to play and enjoy the game. Do try it out.

iAMFAM is a wonderful game, but you can play other games that also have realistic visual or beautiful story. In this post, we will offer a list of many games like iAMFAM. Listen to me: you must take a look at these games because they are very amazing. Read more below.

1. Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe

Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe
Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe which combines the elements of management, city-building, and simulation is an addictive game for those players who love playing building games. The game takes place in the beautiful place in Europe and starts you on the epic mission to travel around... View more

3. Port Royale 3

Port Royale 3
Port Royale 3 which created by Gaming Mind Solution and published by Kalypso Media is a strategy, trading, pirates, and economic simulation. It takes place in the antique world during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. In the game, you must build your city, and decorate it... View more

4. Lemonade Tycoon

Lemonade Tycoon
Lemonade Tycoon which developed by Hexacto and published by EA Mobile is a business simulation and single-player video game. It has an interesting game in which you can play as the main character and your main objective is to sell lemonade and make a profit. In the game, you can... View more

6. Royal Envoy

Royal Envoy
Royal Envoy is a cool city building and management simulation video game similar to Island Castaway: Lost World. The game allows you to be a king and require you to keep a wonderful land that covers countless islands. A ruthless force is coming towards the kingdom... View more

7. Paradise Island

Paradise Island
Paradise Island is a great building and management simulation video game similar to the popular The Island: Castaway. It really is a treat for all those who love the Sun and the sea; an interesting game which allows you to build your own island with sunny... View more

9. The Movies

The Movies
The Movies is an interesting business simulation game that combines the element of life simulation and strategy which designed by Peter Molyneux and developed by Lionhead Studios. Being a great game that received Video Game Award of the British Academy for Simulation Game, The Movies lets... View more

12. Smurfs' Village

Smurfs' Village
Smurfs’ Village is a wonderful city building and management simulation video game. The game takes you to an amazingly colorful world of tiny blue beings Aka and tasks you with searching for all the lost smurfs and rebuilding their homes in the village. The recent encounter... View more

13. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is one amazing building, management simulation, and free-to-play video game. During the gameplay, it allows you to create and customize different characters Family Guy, and rebuild the whole town because it is completely destroyed after a big fight between the... View more

14. Aztec Tribe

Aztec Tribe
Aztec Tribe is an RPG, strategy and city building and a life-simulation video game. The game takes place in ancient times and in times of Aztec civilization. In this game, your main purpose is to grow the Aztec Empire by extending the Aztec Civilization. However, your first job is to... View more

17. Rescue Team 3

Rescue Team 3
Rescue Team 3 is an exciting game from Alawar Entertainment and Buka Entertainment that will offer the players a great combination of time management and strategy gameplay. As the player, you will control the team leader of a rescue team whose duty is to do your... View more

18. Rescue Team 6

Rescue Team 6
Rescue Team 6 is a great game from Big Fish Games that offers the players an immersive gameplay and a perfect mix of time-management and strategy elements. In this game, players will experience an exciting storyline and play the role of a Rescue Team's member. The... View more

19. Stick RPG 2

Stick RPG 2
Stick RPG 2 is a cheerful Action, Role-playing, and Single-player Simulation online video game. It is the second game in the series of Stick RPG. You will have so much fun getting thrown into a world full of strangers. At first, the player will be astonished... View more

22. Eden

Eden is a fascinating City-building, Crafting, Management, Role-playing and Single-player online video game. It was created by Channel 4 Television Corporation. The player will get to experience all of its best features such as Share your Progress with Fellows, Craft Items, Survive as long as you... View more

24. Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2

Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2
Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 is a splendid online game about City Building and Management, Strategy. It is similar to  the video game  “Island Castaway: Lost World”, featured with many great similar options such as 120 challenging levels, great visuals, great game-play and a lot of other... View more

29. Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers

Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers
Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers - an excellent life Simulation and Single-player god game, which created by the Last Day of Work. Also, this game is the great combinations of two elements, such as strategy and puzzle. It takes place in the Isola Island, which includes... View more

30. Many Years Ago

Many Years Ago
Many Years Ago is a great RPG, strategy, city building and life-simulation and created by Big Fish Games. The game tells the story of a civilization destroyed many years ago by the fierce eruption of the Boggo Volcano. You are required to rebuild civilization for you to gather resources, hiring... View more

33. SimCoaster

If you’re interested in Simulation video games combined with amazing building element and want to know the feeling of a Theme Park owner, then SimCoaster is made for you. In the game, you’ll be the owner of a Theme Park divided into three unique zones such as Inventions, a Polar... View more

34. Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon
Game Dev Tycoon by Greenheart Games is a Simulation game with the Business element. The game’s background is in the 80s, the Golden Age of Arcade Video Games, where you can start your career with a Game Development Business, bring out best-selling games and earn mountains... View more

36. My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo
If you are a big fan of the Management, Simulation genre of games then My Free Zoo, a free simulation game with building and management elements, is one of the best choices for you. In the game, you’ll be offered the chance to experience being the... View more

37. Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village
If you’re into Simulation games then Ice Age Village is surely among the best choices for you with amazing City-Building and Management elements combined. Entering the game, you’ll be taken to Ice Age Village where you’ll be able to take control and build up houses for... View more

38. Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House
Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House by Last Day of Work is an online MMO, RPS, and Simulation game combines with the virtual world and community-based elements that was specially made for iOS, Android, and PC platforms. The game takes place in a wonderful world in... View more

39. Farm Tribe

Farm Tribe
Developed by Big Fish Games, Farm Tribe is an amazing Strategy and Management game combined with virtual and simulation action elements. The game quite resembles Virtual Families in mechanics and game-play as they’re all virtual world, simulation family games. In the game, players are allowed to... View more

40. Virtual Villagers

Virtual Villagers
Virtual Villagers by Last Day of Work is Life-Simulation series of games combined with Community based element. Each game in the series has unique a game world in which players can choose a character and interact with other online players, play different games, solve puzzles etc.... View more

41. Anime Studio Story

Anime Studio Story
Anime Studio Story by Kairosoft Co., Ltd, is a game for players who love management and simulation games in which you'll start off by customizing your unique character by choosing the face, body, and presto and blend into a stunning world. Along with various levels with... View more

43. Virtual Families

Virtual Families
Virtual Families, developed by Last Day of Work is an amazing Virtual Simulation Management game. It takes place in a wonderful Virtual World and offers an addictive family and city-building, managing gameplay. In the game, players have to put up people and give them the opportunity... View more

46. Zoo Tycoon 2

Zoo Tycoon 2
Zoo Tycoon 2 is part two of this popular Tycoon Zoo series. This business simulation game allows you to become a manager of a large zoo. You will earn money by opening your zoo for everyone and your ultimate goal is to become a zoo-boss. Your task in the game... View more

47. The Paradise Cove

The Paradise Cove
If you like The Simpsons: Tapped Out and looking for similar management and building simulation games, The Paradise Cove is perfect for you. In the game, you’ll play the role of the ruler of a wild island and has the duty to replace the wildings, trees,... View more

49. Gemini Lost

Gemini Lost
Gemini Lost is a cool strategy, RPG and action life-simulation video game by Play First. The story of the game revolves around the player and his friend get sucked into a giant light beam and eventually transfer them to a beautiful world cannot imagine. Because there... View more

50. Wild Tribe

Wild Tribe
Wild Tribe is a fascinatingly great video game that combines action RPG, strategy, and life-simulation elements by Tik Games. The game allows you to participate in the game world after selecting the character and customize your own player. The game allows you to get into the... View more