23 Games Like Epic Inventor

Games Like Epic Inventor

Epic Inventor is developed as a Side-scroll, Building, Crafting and Sandbox video game available to play on Windows. In the game, it takes place in the thrilling world where you assume the role of the character who must manipulate the world and build different structures using different tools, blocks and more. Moreover, it has both Single-player and Multiplayer supports available, and the game features epic bosses to fight. During the gameplay, lead your character through various quests, interact with non-player characters and craft items to fight against enemies. In addition, the game rewards you with points that you can use to upgrade your skills and unlock further customization and building options. There are up to four players can play the game simultaneously across the network. While enjoying the game, you can design and build your robot anyway you want and explore the world together to fulfill the requirements. Epic Inventor includes core features like Robot Customization, Quests, Skill Trees, Epic Boss Fights, Cross Platforms and more. Epic Inventor is the best game when compared to other Crafting and Building Games.

Let’s see how far you can go. Build up your world with lots of games like Epic Inventor introduced in our list below. The advice is don’t let yourself get addicted! Read more and have fun!

11. Keep Craft

Keep Craft
Keep Craft is a game developed by ZQGame Inc, which is a Strategy and Single-player Simulation available to play on Android. The game lets the player establish a city, create various houses, and recruit an army to defend the city. The primary mission of... View more

12. Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included
Oxygen Not Included combines the elements of Base-building, Resource Management, Side-scroll, and Single-player Building Simulation published and developed by Klei Entertainment. The game has a thrilling gameplay, in which you have to manage your colony and control the colonist to discover technologies, gather resources,... View more

13. Nom Nom Galaxy

Nom Nom Galaxy
Nom Nom Galaxy is known as a 2D Sandbox, Action, Strategy, Co-op, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Q-Games Ltd. The storyline will follow the protagonist, who after crash-landing on a strange alien planet, must navigate the environment, build massive factories... View more

15. Portal Knights

Portal Knights
Portal Knights is developed by Keen Games and published by 505 Games. It’s an Action Role, Building, Survive RPG video game like Terraria and Minecraft and you can play the game in both Single-player and Multiplayer gaming modes. The game is the amazing combination of exploration... View more

18. The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia
The Battle of Polytopia, which is created and published by Midjiwan AB, is a great Strategy, Turn-based, Building video game. The game offers both Single-player and Multiplayer modes. The Battle of Polytopia takes place in a beautiful virtual world, with eleven different tribes. In this game... View more

21. Astroneer

Astroneer is known as an Action-Adventure, Sandbox, Single-player, and Multiplayer Simulation created and published by System Era Softworks. It is held in the stimulating environment, and the player is tasked with building the different structure, mining resources and colonizing planets. The game has no... View more