8 Games Like Cute Avatar Creator

Games Like Cute Avatar Creator

Cute Avatar Creator developed by Ichiban Mobile is a Character Creator and Social Networking video game. It is designed to play on iOS platform only. In the game, you can create your unique and exciting character to represent you, your family and your friends by using tons of cute characters. Besides, you also can post your avatar on many different social platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook. Even you can use the cute avatars to contact with your friends around the world. You can customize your character from head to shoes by using 325 items available and thousands of combinations. Unleash your creativity and skill to create superb virtual avatars by setting the background color, picking up accessories, eye color, and hairstyle, selecting the best clothes for your character, etc. With simple and attractive gameplay, certainly you will be successful in the game.

With core features such as hundreds of Cute Characters, Tons of Combination to use, Share your Creativity, and more, Cute Avatar Creator is the best game to enjoy. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it. In this article, we introduce many games like Cute Avatar Creator. Read below to learn more.

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1. WeeMee Avatar Creator

WeeMee Avatar Creator
WeeMee Avatar Creator which developed and published by WeeWorld, Inc. for Android and iOS platforms is a single-player simulation video game. You are offered an opportunity to create a variety of virtual avatar using various accessories like clothes, shoes, handbags, and more. You need to unleash... View more

2. Facemakr

Facemakr is a wonderful combination of Social Networking and Character Creator elements for iOS only. The game comprises of various characters, each of them has their unique styles. Your job is to promote your creativity, choose a character and customize it with various accessories and items.... View more

3. Chibi Maker

Chibi Maker
Chibi Maker, which is designed to play on Browser, is an Entertaining and Virtual Character Creator video game. It is truly exciting because it allows you to create your unique character by using tons of options or select one from dozens of character available to customize. After... View more

4. Marvel's Superhero Avatar Creator

Marvel's Superhero Avatar Creator
Marvel’s Superhero Avatar Creator is a superb Entertaining and Virtual Character Creator video game. In the game, you have a chance to create your unique superb hero using tons of options. After creating your character, you have to type the name of your superhero and customize... View more

5. Chibi Me

Chibi Me
Chibi Me is a superb Entertaining and Virtual Character Creator video game developed by CGMajoor. It is designed to play on iOS and Android platforms. To start the game, you are allowed to choose one of many different anime characters to customize. You can use different... View more

6. Avatar Creator Social

Avatar Creator Social
Avatar Creator Social a wonderful ever addictive and Social Networking video game is developed by PicoCandy for iOS platform only. Come to the game, you will have a chance to create a MogiMe character for yourself, your friends, or for everyone. You can freely dress up... View more

7. 3D Avatar Creator

3D Avatar Creator
3D Avatar Creator developed by Veeme is a Social Networking, Fantasy and Single-player Simulation video game. Like other character creator games, 3D Avatar Creator requires you to create and customize lots of cool and exciting characters. The special thing is that these characters may be members of... View more

8. South Park Avatar Creator

South Park Avatar Creator
South Park Avatar Creator developed by South Park Studio is a Social Networking, Character Creator video game. It is available to play on Browser with Single-player mode and new contents of the game are updated weekly to come up with players’ demand.  In the beginning of... View more