9 Games Like Babysitting

Games Like Babysitting

Babysitting which created for all the fans of babysitting games is a wonderful online free-to-play virtual world life-simulation video game. In the game, you are allowed to be a Babysitter and take care of the cute babies throughout the game. From changing their clothes to feeding them and to make them sleep, you will have to act as a truly skilled Babysitter and you will be allowed to have a real life-like experience. As a Kindergarten worker, the only task of you in the game is to babysit children whose parents are both working and as you are entrusted with their kids, you should totally dedicate to children, and care very well for them. The game comes with a wonderful environment, cool visuals, and an addictive gameplay, this game is a fun simulation to enjoy. Try it out now.

Babysitting is truly the best game for players. However, there are many other games like it with great features for you to enjoy. In this post, we have some games like Babysitting. Read more below.

2. Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a great free-to-play online and life-simulation video game. The game allows you to act as a babysitter at your own Kindergarten. You will have to accept the babies from their parents and babysit them until they come back from work and pick up... View more

7. My Baby Care

My Baby Care
My Baby Care was developed and published by Bubadu, which is a Virtual-World, Fantasy-based Casual, and Single-player Simulation gameplay. The game is suitable for kids to play and learn about childcare. In addition, players in this game will take a role of... View more

8. Super Mom

Super Mom
Super Mom is a cool online free-to-play, virtual world life-simulation video game. The game is for all the moms who want to show the world that they actually are Supermoms because they know how to raise a baby. In the game, you have to look... View more

9. Baby Blimp

Baby Blimp
Baby Blimp is one amazing virtual world, life-simulation video game. It is based on the story normally told to children about where they actually came from. In the game, you are allowed to be Chief Stork who is the manager of Baby Blimp and the... View more