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Simulation games on Simulation games are the games that simulate some part of our real life. These games are in an interesting video game genre and provide the player with a lot of interesting simulations about our real world. If you want to be immersed in a lot of epic battles, amazing sports contests, or play as a manager in a shop, zoo, park, etc, Simulation is the best game genre for you. Ah, have I told you that all the simulation games on our website - are free yet? If not, I officially tell you that, we provide you with thousands of interesting simulation games for free and you won't have to pay any charge for our service.

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About Simulation games

Simulation video games are in simulation game genre that designed to simulate closely with the activities in our real world.

This game genre always attempts to copy a lot of different activities from our real life to bring them into the form of the game for many purposes such as training, analysis, or prediction. In these games, the players will control freely a character and do anything they want to do in the game because there are no strictly goals in these games.

These interesting games allow the player to do a lot of different tasks in a wonderful game world without any real-life consequences. All the things that you can't do in real life can be done in this game genre. For example, if you want to be a soldier in the world war 2 or anytime in our history, in our real life, you can't do it; but in simulation games, you can! If you want to race at dangerous speed around a city in a brilliant sports car, you can! If you want to be a manager of a charming farm or a busy city without any stress and pressure, you also can do it in simulation games.

History of simulation games

Simulation games were released in the mid of 1980s by Codemasters and the Oliver Twin. At that time, they released a number of games that their title contained the word "simulator" such as BMX Simulator and Grand Prix Simulator (both released in 1986), and Pro Boxing Simulator (released in 1988). These game were inspired by the most popular games of Mastertronic and based on our real sports such as soccer, football, boxing, and BMX racing. In 1989, credit simulation game began to be more popular by Will Wright and SimCity, however, the true progenitor of this genre was Fortune Builder which was released in 1984.

Subgenres of simulation games

Simulation video game is a super diverse category of the video game. In this genre, there are a lot of subgenres that simulate many other sides of our real life such as Construction and management simulation video games, Life simulation games, Sports simulation games, and many other small subgenres; and 3 first subgenres are the most important and popular subgenres of this game genre.

Construction and management simulation

Construction and management simulation (CMS) is an important subgenre of the simulation game in which the players will have to build, expand, and manage a fictional community or project that have limited resources. This type of game is the best one for those who want to try the experience of a manager without any stress. In addition, there are some strategy games also incorporate CMS element into their game's economy to make the games become richer, more challenge and attractive. However, we still can discriminate among them by looking at the player's goal in the games. The pure CMS games don't require the player to defeat the enemies but to build something. The games in this type of game are sometimes called "management games".

There are also a lot of sub-genres in this type of game such as City-building games, Theme park management, Colony Management, Business simulation games, and Government simulation games.

Life simulation

Life simulation games are also known as artificial life games are also an important subgenre of the simulation video games. In this game genre, the player lives or control one or more artificial lifeforms which revolve around individuals and relationships. In fact, the life simulation games are about maintaining and growing a population of organisms that is manageable. The players will be allowed to control the lives of autonomous people or creatures and only focus on managing tribal worshipers. This game genre also includes several sub-genres such as Digital pets, Biological simulations, and Social simulation, etc.

Sports simulation games

An important and popular sub-genre of simulation games that we can't ignore is sports simulation game. This is an interesting game genre for those who love playing sport and want to be immersed in the atmosphere of the sports contests. Most of the sports have been simulated in the simulation video game including team sports, athletics, and extreme sports and bring the players with an exciting competitive atmosphere like real-world sports. They will be immersed in a world of the extreme sports with a lot of dangerous and high-speed car races, the epic battle of boxing games, or anything that in real life they can't do.

Other types of simulation games

Dating sims are also a subgenre of simulation games that focus on dating as the principal theme of the game.

Medical simulation games are the games that allow the players to play as a surgeon. The popular games on this type of games are Trauma Center and LifeSigns series.

Photography simulation games are also a subgenre of the simulation video games that the players will play as a photographer and take photos of people, animals, or any beautiful scenes in the game world. Two interesting games of this genre are Pokémon Snap and Afrika.

Wargames, some wargames that own the higher degrees of realism to simulate some real warfares in our world are also a sub-genre of simulation games. In this game genre, the gameplay usually focuses on the tactical or strategic level instead of focuses on the battles like other wargames.

Shooter games that simulate higher degrees of realism also are a subgenre of simulation games. These games always try to provide the players with the feeling of being in combat, where there are a lot of power and modern guns that designed similar to our real guns.

In addition, there are a lot of subgenres of simulation games that describe every side of our life that you should try at least one time in your life to be capable to understand much more about the real world and have exciting break times.

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