14 Games Like Tunnel Rats

Games Like Tunnel Rats

Tunnel Rats by Replay Studios for Microsoft Windows platform only is an action-adventure, military-themed, first-person shooter, and single-player video game. The game comes with a brilliant gameplay focuses on the event of the Vietnam War. You get into the role of the protagonist, who is an American Soldier and sets out on an epic mission to conquer numerous enemies using lots of weapons and military equipment. In the game, you can manipulate the world from the first-person perspective and can interact with the environment and NPCs to progress through the game. Your main goal is to take over the tunnels controlled by enemies and earn experience points to become the master. During the gameplay, you can use a military helicopter to shot down enemy territory. The game comes with ten different weapons including the flamethrower and up to twenty trap types including water traps, pits, and whip. The game offers key features such as complex tunnels, challenging enemies, different weapons and more. This is the best game for those who love playing FPS games.

Tunnel Rats will have many interesting moments for the player if you want to try other games. We offer many games like Tunnel Rats this article, all of them have many unique features that will not disappoint you. Read more below.

1. War of Rights

War of Rights
War of Rights is a great combination of Action and Shooting genre and also a Multiplayer video game. It was created and published by Campfire Games. It was based on a historical event so the main theme is about the American Civil War. From the First-Person... View more

3. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad which developed by Tripwire Interactive is an action-adventure, first-person shooter, and multiplayer shooting video game. The game is set during the World War II and comes with the elements of FPS and Tactical Shooter. The game offers many new... View more

6. Vietnam: Black Ops

Vietnam: Black Ops
Vietnam: Black Ops which is an action, first-person shooter, and exploration video game developed by Fused Software, Inc. and published by ValuSoft, Inc. In the game, you are allowed to become an American soldier and jump into a historical event based on the Vietnam War.... View more

8. Battlefield Vietnam

Battlefield Vietnam
Battlefield Vietnam which produced by Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts is an action-adventure, first-person shooter, single and multiplayer video game. The game is set during the event of Vietnam War and introduces a variety of massive maps based on historic-themes like Ia... View more

9. Men of Valor

Men of Valor
Men of Valor which created by 2015, Inc. and published by Vivendi Universal is a first-person shooter video game centers on a historical event. The game is set in the beautiful environment based on the Vietnam War. You can get into the role of the... View more

10. Shellshock: Nam '67

Shellshock: Nam '67
Shellshock: Nam ’67 which developed by Guerilla Games and published by Eidos Interactive is an action-adventure, third-person shooter, and single-player video game. The game is set during the war in Vietnam, in which you can get into the role of the new U.S. soldier. The... View more

13. Holdfast: Nations At War

Holdfast: Nations At War
Holdfast: Nations At War is both Action and Adventure genre so it’s very fascinating to play. It was developed and published by Anvil Game iStudios. The game takes place in the historical world; you will be overwhelmed because you can exploit it from both First and... View more