13 Games Like Star X

Games Like Star X

Star Xis known as a Rail Shooter and Single-player video game created by Graphic State and published by Bam! Entertainment. The game has an exciting gameplay and offers old-school graphics. In this game, the player can control a spaceship and his primary task is to fight against the waves of enemies and smash them to earn points. The player will explore the world from third-person perspective and can target enemies to destroy their planes. The world is fulfilled with dangers and challenges that he must complete at any cost to progress through the game. During the exploration, the player needs to avoid obstacles like a mountains, enemy’s ships, and more. Let’s collect power-ups to upgrade him weapons and become the master by taking down all enemies. The game will shift the player to the next level as the objective of the previous level completed. Star X brings superb features such as a variety of Levels, 3D Environment, Power-ups and more. Try it out.

Please don’t hesitate to try out these games like Star X due to their fabulous features. Learn more below.

1. Philosoma

Philosoma is a Single-player video game, created and published by Epics and Sony Computer Entertainment, available on PlayStation platform. The game bringing an excellent gameplay that alien planet name Planet 220 warned a massive attack from an odd force and would a... View more

2. Sin and Punishment

Sin and Punishment
Sin and Punishment is a game created by Treasure and published by Nintendo is a Single and Multiplayer Cabal Shooter video game for Nintendo Platform. The game is held in the 3D environment and combines the elements of Shooter and Scrolling.... View more

3. SkyRoads

SkyRoads is known as a 1983 Platform and Single-player video game developed Bluemoon and published by Creative Dimensions. The game is held in the 3D environment filled with challenging obstacles. The player will control a spacecraft in the beautiful world where... View more

4. Defender

Defender is known as an Action, Side-scroll, and Single-player Shooting video game produced by 7 Studios. The game surrounds shoot ‘em up elements and takes place on the fictional planet invaded by... View more

6. After Burner

After Burner
After Burner is known as a Single-player, Shoot ‘em up, and Combat Flight Simulation created and published by Sega. It is served as the first installment in the series of After Burner and offers an exciting gameplay, in which you control... View more

7. Star Fox

Star Fox
Star Fox, which is developed and published by Nintendo in 1993, is a Rail Shooter, and Single-player video game. It is released as the first title in the series of Star Fox. The plot of the game revolves around the protagonist named as Fox... View more

9. StarBlade

StarBlade, which is developed and published by Namco, has an awesome combination between the elements of First-person Perspective, Space Combat, and Rail Shooter. The game offers you experience in Single-player mode. StarBlade takes the background in the fictional space environment threatened by aliens. At... View more

10. After Burner II

After Burner II
After Burner II, which is developed and published by Sega, is an Arcade, Third-person Rail Shooter, and Single-player Flight game. The game dives you into an addictive gameplay, in which you can control a spacecraft from third-person. During the gameplay, your ultimate task is... View more

11. Aces of the Galaxy

Aces of the Galaxy
Artech Digital Entertainment developed Aces of the Galaxy as an Action, Rail Shooter, Single and Multiplayer video game. In the game, it focuses on space environment where the game takes place. Based on the story, the aliens are planning to take... View more

12. Shoot 1UP

Shoot 1UP
Shoot 1UP mixes the elements of Shoot ‘em Up, Action and 2D produced and published by Mommy’s Best Games for Windows and Xbox. The game is held in the sci-fi-themed world invaded by an alien faction. You will assume the... View more