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Shooting games on Coolgameslike: All shooting games are in a very popular subgenre of action video games genre. This is really an interesting video game genre that requires the rapid reaction and speed of the players. If you love shooting games and want to be immersed in a huge world of this game genre with a lot of fierce gun battles, hundreds of modern and powerful weapons, the shooting game is the games for you. On, you can find all the best shooting games in the world which became the legendary game in all time for free. 

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About shooting games

Shooting games are an interesting and popular subgenre of the action games in which the players will play as a gunner using the weapon to complete all the game's quests. This is a cool game genre that often tests the speed and reaction time of the players. Although this is only a subgenre of the action game, it still includes a lot of other subgenres that focus on the actions of the avatar using some sort of weapons. Most of the weapons in these games are guns or some other long-range weapons. In addition, in shooting games, we can't ignore a common resource is ammunition. Most of these games allow the players to collect the ammunition and use them to complete the game's quests. Sometimes, the limited ammunition is also a challenge of the shooting games.

The most common purpose of this game genre is to control a character, shoot the opponents and complete all the missions without being killed or dying. It seems very easy to play these games, but the fact isn't. The players will have to pay attention to the battles, observe, and have a rapid reaction with all situations that are taking place.

Subgenres of shooting games

As mentioned above, the shooting games include a lot of subgenres such as Shoot 'em up, Shooting gallery, First-person shooters, Third-person shooters, Hero shooters, Tactical shooters, and many other subgenres.

Shoot 'em up

Shoot 'em up is a specific subgenre of the shooting games that is also known as shmup or STG. This is a popular subgenre in which the players will control a character that moves forward automatically and shoot a lot of enemies while avoiding the obstacles.

Most of shoot 'em up games have the same gameplay but they are often classified by the viewpoint. This makes these games were categorized into a lot of genres such as Space Invaders and Galaxian, scrolling shooter games, and "run and gun" games which focus on maneuvering or even jumping while shooting. Some popular games of this genre are Thexder, Contra, and Metal Slug.

Shooting gallery

Shooting gallery games are a subgenre of the shooting games in which the players can use a regular joypad and an on-screen cursor to control the shooting direction of the bullets. These games are usually set in the first-person perspective with enemy fire that can appear anywhere to damage or kill the player's character. This game genre also includes light gun games that allow the players to move and avoid the attacks of enemies while shooting them

First-person shooters

First-person shooters (FPS) is also a subgenre of the shooting game that focuses on gun and other weapon-based combats in the perspective of a first person. This means the player will experience all actions in the game through the eyes of the protagonist.

There is a game genre, light gun shooter game that is quite similar to FPS games in using the perspective of a first person, however, it is still categorized with the first-person shooting games because of its gameplay. First of all, in the first-person shooter games, the players will use conventional input devices for movement while in light gun shooter games, the players use light gun peripherals. In addition, in the light gun shooter game usually provide the player with a feature "on-rails" (scripted) movement, whereas the first-person shooter games provide the players with a freedom world, where they can roam and defeat all the opponents.

Third-person shooters

Third-person shooters are also a popular subgenre of the shooting games in which the players can observe all about the character and his character's surroundings by a third-person camera view. The mechanics of this game genre are often incorporated into open-world adventure and sandbox games and its gameplay consists primarily of shooting.

The notable examples of this genre that we can’t ignore are Tomb Raider series, Syphon Filter, Max Payne, etc.

Hero shooters

Hero shooters are also a subgenre of the shooting games. This genre is a variation of multiplayer shooter game that is based on the arena and set in the perspective of the first or third person. In this game genre, the players can choose a team among two or more teams, select a hero character that each of them has unique attributes, skills, abilities, and weapons. They can also customize the appearance of the characters, however, these changes can't change the game's balance.

An interesting point of this game genre is that it strongly encourages teamwork between the players on a team, guides the players to select the most effective combination of hero characters, and coordinate them during the match by considering the abilities of each hero.

Tactical shooters

Tactical shooter is an interesting subgenre of the shooting game that includes both first-person shooting game and third-person shooting game. This game genre usually simulates a realistic combat in which the players must focus on thinking about tactics and caution instead of rapid reflexes like many other shooting games. The tactical shooter games that involve military combat are sometimes called "soldier sims"

The notable examples of this game genre are Bohemia Software's Operation Flashpoint and Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon series. These games also are the legendary shooting game titles in the world.


Excepting the subgenres that we have listed above, artillery games, a game genre that is usually classified as a type of the strategy game also have been described as a subgenre of the shooting game. The reason makes this game genre also categorized as a genre of the shooting game is that it owns a lot of shooting elements on its gameplay.

Shooting games on Coolgameslike

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