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Real-time strategy (RTS) video game is one of the most interesting, attractive, and addictive video game genres in the world. If you want to be immersed in the game world with a lot of super epic battles, challenge yourself in a lot of extremely difficult game's quests that require the players to be patient, intelligent, and careful in any movements, this is the best game genre for you! On this website - Cool games like, we provide and introduce you with thousands of interesting and addictive RTS video games, lots of them are the best attractive games in the world for all time. An interesting point is that all of them are free!

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About RTS games

Real-time strategy (usually known as RTS) is a strategy video game genre that the game doesn't progress incrementally in turns. These game are usually set in some stages in history and require the players to complete all the game's quests. 

In an RTS game, similar to many other war games, units and structures will be set in a location under the control of the player to protect the area of the map and/or destroy the resource, and product of the opponents. In a typical RTS video game, it is possible to create additional units and structure during the course of the game. This is usually limited by the expending accumulated resources requirement. More specifically, most games of RTS video game genre offer the feature of resource gathering, base building, army training in order to attack the castle, occupy the land, and protect the base.

In fact, real-time strategy video games are quite hard and challenge, they require the players must have logical thinking and be very patient in order to resolve all the extremely difficult quests in the game. Nowadays, there are some game genres such as city building games, and constructions and management simulations games, etc that own gameplay similar to RTS template, however, these genres are usually not subsumed as RTS games. So, which games will be considered to be "real-time strategy" games? Let's learn more about this game genre!

History of RTS games

Like other video game genres, real-time strategy games have a long history of development. Beginning with the legendary game Dune (released in 1992) - the first generation that formed the RTS video game genre today, the real-time strategy video games gradually developed over time. And until the appearance of Age of Empires and StarCraft - 2 of the most celebrated game titles in the world, this video game genre has been taken into a new height, gaining a solid position on the game market in the world.


The legendary game Dune is considered to be the first game of RTS game genre that owns all the core concepts and mechanics of a real-time strategy game that are still used until today. This game has attracted a lot of gamers in the world and encourages other games to become influential in their own right. After the success of Dune II, there are several games like it were released such as Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (1994), Command & Conquer, and Command and Conquer: Red Alert (1995). These game became so popular and great prominence upon their release by their fantasy setting which owned a lot of different buildings extremely similar to a full fictitious society.

Refinement and transition to 3D

After the release of Command and Conquer: Red Alert in 1995, the real-time strategy video game genre has been relatively stable. There were a lot of new games released, however, they generally focused on improving the basic RTS elements such as higher unit caps, more unit types, larger maps, etc.

Moreover, the developers also focused on refining the graphics and storyline of the game. And the result is that there were a lot of new RTS games with beautiful 3D graphics released such as Dungeon Keeper (released in 1997), Populous: The Beginning (released in 1998), Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds (released in 1998), Warzone 2100 (released in 1999), Machines (released in 1999), Homeworld (released in 1999), Honour & Freedom (released in 1999), and Dark Reign 2 (released in 2000). In addition, some legendary RTS games idea were refined to provide the players with more addictive and attractive games. For example, the legendary Age of Empires idea was refined with many new and upgrade versions by Stainless Steel Studios' Empire Earth in 2001; European War was upgraded into a series game and took this game genre in a different position, making its population caps into the tens of thousands.

Gameplay of RTS games

In the real-time strategy game, the players need to observe the overall, know about all the situation which are taking place on the game world. It consists of units, buildings, armies under the control of the player. In addition, they also have to collect the resources, build, protect and develop the architectural building while attacking the enemies and destroying all of their property. Moreover, they also have to research the military force, battles strategy, and the general that supports you in the battles in order to make the attack or defense decisions.

And those are the reasons that the gameplay system of RTS games genre is usually fast-paced, consecutive, and require the players must have a quick reflexion to make decisions of attacking, defending, or withdrawing.

Micromanagement and macro management

A special point of RTS games genre is that this game genre requires the player to have tactical vision and management of micro and macro. This is really a difficult challenge and an attractive point of this genre too because it often involves the use of fighting tactics. Micromanagement refers that the players will pay their attention to maintain the individual units, soldiers, expand the economy, and be allowed to think carefully and considered the possible solutions. While macro management involves the development of the overall resource, towards a large-scale strategic engine, looking toward future growth, and considering the greater scale of the game.

In general, RTS is a difficult video game genre with fast-paced and consecutive that requires the players must have logical thinking, tactical vision, and management of micro and macro.

Graphics of RTS games

As mentioned above, since 1995, the newer RTS video games focused on refining the basic elements of a typical RTS game including the refinement of their graphics. The first real-time strategy game that uses true 3D units, terrain, and physics in both rendering and gameplay is Total Annihilation which was released in 1997. Only a few years later, most RTS video games began to use true 3D graphics, which made they possible to rotate the battlefield's view in real time.

Moreover, from 2010, the RTS video games usually incorporated physics engines to increase the realism of the experience in gameplay. An example of this issue is legendary game Age of Empires III, this popular game has used the Havok Game Dynamics SDK to power its real-time physics.

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