83 Games Like Underrail

Games Like Underrail

Underrail is an Isometric, Turn-based Role-playing and Single-player video game which developer and publisher is Stygian Software. The game takes place in the distant future when the surface of the planet Earth uninhabitable for a long time and the remaining population living in network subway Underrail, where the opposition players attempt to survive under harsh environments. In the game, you play into the role of the new member and begin the game as a blank stage with a task to develop your character. During the gameplay, the story is recited through dialogue with NPCs populating the world of Underrail. The gameplay concentrates on Turn-based, Post-apocalyptic, Role-playing elements with an emphasis on Exploration and Combat. You need to navigate the underground world, interact with non-player characters and experience the expansive character customization and detailed crafting system. The game comes with the core features such as Probe, the sides in the conflict, gameplay exists, environmental conditions, etc. …. In addition, Underrail also has an ingenious mechanism, smooth controls, and exciting graphics. What are you waiting for? Try it out now.

Underrail is a wonderful game; so many people are searching the other games like it. In this post, we will provide you a list of many games similar to Underrail. Read below for details.

1. Wakfu

Wakfu is a free MMORPG that offers players an exciting tactical gameplay. The game allows you to choose a class from 15 available classes including warriors and mages. In the game, you will also be offered skill designs that will be hard to choose because they're... View more

2. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Developed by the famous company of Square Enix, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions won’t fail to amuse you with its superior features, engaging cutscenes and stunning anime art style. As a strategic-RPG game, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions offers you the traditional game-play with... View more

3. Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles
Valkyria Chronicles is an epic Turn-based Strategy, Action, Tactical RPG video game. The game is set in Europe, where the World War II takes place. The two mighty Factions are fighting against each other for Control. You will be thrown right in the middle of the conflict after your town... View more

4. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
Shin MegamiTensei: Devil Survivor 2, which was created by Atlus, is a brilliant Strategy, Adventure based and Tactical RPG video game. The player will be taken to Japan, where a group of students make a deal to summon demons and engage themselves in epic fights against the mystic creatures destroying... View more

5. Massive Chalice

Massive Chalice
Massive Chalice, which was created by Double Fine Productions, is a Strategy Turn-based Action video game. You will have a chance to enter an Epic timeline and become the Immortal Ruler. Your destiny is to lead mighty armies of heroes and engage in huge battles against Cadence - a 300... View more

6. Advance Wars

Advance Wars
Advance Wars, which was from Japanese origins and developed by Intelligent Systems, is a great Turn-based Strategy video game. You get to play the role of Orange Start Army’s Commanding Officer Andy, be the leader of a mighty army and lead them into amazingly epic battles... View more

7. Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening
Fire Emblem: Awakening is a Tactical RPG video game and available for both Single-player and Multiplayer. The game is the Fire Emblem series’ 13th installment and offers a similar game-play and mechanics to its predecessors. You will be taken to the Continent of Archanea and become... View more

8. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor is from a famous game series and combines wonderful elements of Action-RPG and Tactical Strategy. The game provides diverse endings and many different paths for players to choose and enjoy. You will be taken to the Modern day Tokyo where you... View more

11. Space Hulk Ascension

Space Hulk Ascension
Developed and published by Hoplite Research for multiple platforms, Space Hulk Ascension is a Turn-based Strategy, Tactical, and Role-playing video game. As it is shown in the classic board experience, the game introduces new weapons, new RPG style mechanics, new chapters as well as new enemy... View more

12. Silent Storm: Sentinels

Silent Storm: Sentinels
In 2003, the original game Silent Storm was released and loved by game players all around the word, along with its success, Silent Storm: Sentinels was developed and published as a Downloadable Content Pack. The game brings Strategy and Turn-base elements, as well as Tactical Role-playing,... View more

14. Tryst

Tryst, which is developed and published by Bluegiant Interactive, is a fantastic RTS and Science Fiction themed video game. This game is all about a destructive and chaotic war between two factions such as Humans and Machines called The Zali. Once you are in Tryst, you... View more

15. Fallen: A2P Protocol

Fallen: A2P Protocol
Produced by Red Katana, Fallen: A2P Protocol is a wonderful Post-Apocalyptic, Indie, RPG and Strategic video game. It is set in a fantastic world of visualization you can explore the world in the game by leading a caravan going on a quest of revenge, gaining experience... View more

16. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action: Shades of Red

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action: Shades of Red
Published by THQ Nordic, Jagged Alliance: Back in Action: Shades of Red is a mix of Role-playing, Strategy and Single-player Simulation the story-line is all about the protagonist. Terrorist named Ante Silevic stole an atomic weapon and invited the leaders of all countries in Eastern Europe.... View more

17. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
Developed by Coreplay GmbH and published by THQ Nordic, Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is a Tactical Role-playing, Turn-based Strategy and Single-player Simulation. It focuses on mercenary-themed strategy elements. Fictionally, the player will manipulate the world from an isometric viewpoint. In this game, you will be... View more

18. XCOM 2: Alien Hunters

XCOM 2: Alien Hunters
Developed by Feral Interactive and published by 2K, XCOM 2: Alien Hunters is an Expansion Pack for the original game XCOM 2. This game promises you the perfect mixture of the Sci-fi elements, Turn-based Strategy, Tactical, Aliens, and Character Customization. You can choose either Single or Multiplayer mode. What you... View more

20. Silent Storm

Silent Storm
Developed by Nival Interactive and published by 1C Company, Silent Storm is a Role-playing, Turn-based Tactics, Combat, Strategy, and Single-player video game. It takes place in the historical fictional world during World War II where the player surmise the control of a six elite soldiers on... View more

21. Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Advance Wars is an Action Tactical RPG video game and considered one of the best games of this specific genre. In the game, you get to play the role of Jake or Rachel. As the main protagonist, the game provides you with the opportunity to be the command your forces... View more

22. Jeanne d'Arc

Jeanne d'Arc
Jeanne d'Arc or Joan of Arc is one of the most thrilling games with the mixed game-play which combines between Tactical-RPG and Action-Adventure video game. This game is developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment – the Japanese entertainment corporation owns the most famous games around... View more

23. Jagged Alliance Online: Reloaded

Jagged Alliance Online: Reloaded
Jagged Alliance Online: Reloaded which developed and published by Cliffhanger Productions is a turn-based strategy and single-player and multiplayer video game. Your main task is to survive and build the frigging merc outfit in the land. You have to set up and train your team of... View more

24. Ascendancy

Ascendancy which developed by The Logic Factory and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment is a turn-based strategy, 4X, and single-player video game. The game is set in a science fiction environment and provides thrilling gameplay galaxy is about efforts to become the dominant form of life.... View more

25. Might and Magic Heroes VI

Might and Magic Heroes VI
Might and Magic Heroes VI, which developed by Black Hole Entertainment and published by Ubisoft is a role-playing, turn-based strategy, single-player and multiplayer video game. This is the sixth in the series of games Heroes of Might and Magic games and is set in the world... View more

26. Arma Tactics

Arma Tactics
Arma Tactics which developed and published by Bohemia Interactive is a turn-based strategy and single-player simulation. The game concentrates on turn-based tactical elements where you command the team of several operatives. The game offers lots of levels available in the game with increasing difficulty. The game... View more

27. Riot Police

Riot Police
Riot Police which developed by Zono, Inc. and published by Activation for Microsoft Windows is a real-time tactic, strategy, and single-player video game. The game is about strategy factors in real time and provides spectacular gameplay, where you will be involved in the role of commander of the city police... View more

28. Halfway

Halfway, which developed by Robotality and published by Chucklefish for multiple platforms, is a role-playing, turn-based Strategy, 2D isometric-perspective, and single-player video game. The game takes place in a few hundred years ago into the distant future where the humanity has begun to colonize new worlds,... View more

30. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a tactical video game created by Ubisoft Paris and Ubisoft for Nintendo Switch issue which supplies Single-player and Multiplayer modes. The game lets the player in the domination of Mario, his opponents, and a Rabbids team, the attack by an... View more

31. King's Bounty: Legions

King's Bounty: Legions
King’s Bounty: Legions is an adventure, action, strategy video game which supplies Multiplayer Online mode created by Nival. The game offers the player a combination of different genres like Tower-defense, Battles, and Tactical and takes you to participate in discovery experience. The game joins in the... View more

32. Great Big War Game

Great Big War Game
Being a Turn-based Strategy, Great Big War Game is a classic game in 2D video game, offers 50 Military and severe battlefields. This game is compatible with many platforms from PC to mobile and includes multiplayer mode. The players will involve in the conflicts between the... View more

34. Shattered Union

Shattered Union
Shattered Union is a wonderful Turn-based video game with a mixture of Tactics and Strategy elements. The game is greatly developed by PopTop Software and published by 2K Games. Everything in the game happens in the United States, where David Jefferson Adams is chosen to be... View more

36. N.O.V.A. 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

N.O.V.A. 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
N.O.V.A. 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance which created for Mobile Platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone is an action-adventure, single-player, and first-person shooter video game for hardcore players. The game comes with ten new exciting levels around the galaxy to struggle against alien factions... View more

39. Prey

Prey is developed and published by Human Head Studios, which is an action, adventure game that offers FPS and Single-player modes. The game focuses an amazing story-line which turns around the head character which name is Tommy and his determination to secure his grandfather and girlfriend... View more

40. Jagged Alliance: Crossfire

Jagged Alliance: Crossfire
Jagged Alliance: Crossfire, which is developed by Coreplay GmbH and published by THQ Nordic, is the brilliant blend of Tactical, Strategy and Role-playing elements. The game lets you enjoy in Single-player mode in the background of the Island of Arulco. According to the storyline, there are... View more

42. Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin
Divinity: Original Sin – a very popular and interesting game. Have you ever heard about it? Divinity: Original Sin is an excellent single player, action and adventure, and cooperative fantasy role-playing video game which was created by Larian Studios on June 30th, 2014. In this game, you... View more

44. Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun Returns is a Tactical RPG and Sci Fi video games, which Harebrained Schemes creates and develops. The game will take you into the open new world contained many secrets. Shadowrun Returns lets you to make your choice about your character from a list of five... View more

45. Brigandine

Brigandine is a striking Tactical Role-playing video game developed by Hearty Robin and published by Atlus. The game is set up in the imaginative world and encompasses different nations, particularly New Aklmekia, Caerleon, Norgard, Iscalio, Leonia and much more. From an available system of character, you... View more

48. Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Shadowrun: Hong Kong
Shadowrun: Hong Kong by Harebrained Schemes is a Hack and Slash video game. Based on many similar game genres, this game is designed and brought into play superb 3D characters to get attention for players love the adventurous game. This feature seems to create an impressive... View more

49. Xenonauts

Xenonauts is called Tactical-RPG video game similarly to XCOM series games. The game emulates strong motivation from the Original X-Com and it is found in Alternate timeline of Universe. Go in the gameplay, you become the Commander of Xenonauts, a group of leader to oppose the... View more

50. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is an enticing game with perfect combinations of many attracting features including Third-person Tactical-RPG, mega Open World, and Co-Op Shooter video game. In this game, you will play a role as a Commander of the Ghosts in charge of preventing... View more