15 Games Like Angel Stone

Games Like Angel Stone

Angel Stone is a 3D action video game which was launched by Fincon for mobile platforms. This game consists of both single-player and multiplayer modes. The game will let you a chance to jump into the most challenging objectives to save the world from evil creatures. There are 3 typical characters such as Shadow Mage, Berserker, and Gunslinger. The players will discover the world through sixty difficult stages and many interesting fantastic themes, lore, and story. During the game, the players should collect more than 100 skills, then match them together with the aim of making their unique weapons and power, and defeat the enemies quickly to become the hero. Otherwise, the players can also make a group with other players in order to challenge each other in Cooperative mode. Give it a try and you will love it. Trust me!

If you are still looking for the action games like Angel Stone, we will introduce you more versions like that. All of them are great games with cool gameplay and nice graphics. Read below for more!

1. Wild Arms XF

Wild Arms XF
Wild Arms XF game was provided by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Media Vision. It offers the players a single-player mode and takes place in a modern environment to play on PlayStation Portable. The game’s plot relates to a group of knights which is Chevalet... View more

2. Next Jump: Shmup Tactics

Next Jump: Shmup Tactics
Created and published by Post Mortem Pixels for multiple platforms, Next Jump: Shmup Tactics is a Turn-based Tactical, Action, and Single-player Shoot ‘em up video game. Taking place in the space setting, Next Jump: Shmup Tactics tells the story about the environment which is being threatened... View more

3. Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth

Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth
Developed by MaxFive and published by Atlus, Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth is a Tactical Role-playing and Single-player video game. You will find yourself struggling to build up an army of mercenaries and participating in turn-based tactical battles. On the world map, you have to choose where you want to compete... View more

4. Shining Tears

Shining Tears
Developed by Nextech and published by Sega, Shining Tears is an Action Role-playing, Single-player and Multiplayer video game for PlayStation 2. Contributing itself as a part of the Shining Force series, Shining Tears tells the story of Xion, a boy that no one knows. In the... View more

5. Day R Premium

Day R Premium
Developed and published by TltGames, Day R Premium is a Role-playing and Single-player video game. Taking place in the massive world, Day R Premium promises its players combat, survival and crafting elements. You will find yourself in the position of the protagonist, who is mostly described... View more

6. Eternity Warriors VR

Eternity Warriors VR
Eternity Warriors VR is an awesome Action-Adventure and Horror-Survival video game developed and published by Vanimals. It offers both Single-player and Multiplayer modes. The game concentrates on Virtual Reality (VR) elements. Eternity Warriors VR lets the player to be immersed in the Action Role-playing gameplay. You... View more

7. Shining Force Neo

Shining Force Neo
Shining Force Neo was created by Neverland and published by Sega for PlayStation 2 as an Action Role-playing and Single-player video game. This wonderful game inherits the real-time action elements of the other legend RPG games like Record of Lodoss and Diablo. It does not concentrate... View more

8. Marvel: Future Fight

Marvel: Future Fight
Specially designed for all the mobile addicts, Marvel: Future Fight comes to slay the iOS and Android devices in the form of a Superhero-themed, Role-playing, Single-player and Multiplayer video game. The game was developed and published by Netmarble Games, a South Korean Game Publishing Company. Your... View more

9. Alundra

Created by Matrix Software and published by SCEI, Alundra is an Action Role-playing, and Single-player video game. You will play as Alundra, a young boy who has the ability to enter the dreams of people. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, it is. Alundra will bring you all... View more

10. Bleach Brave Souls

Bleach Brave Souls
Created and published by KLab Global for Android and iOS, Bleach Brave Souls is an Action Role-playing, Hack-and-Slash, 4-player Co-op, and 3D video game. Thrilling gameplay is offered, which is based on the famous Manga series Bleach. It’s wonderful because Bleach Brave Souls comes in shaded 3D Graphics. The game... View more

11. Star Wars: Uprising

Star Wars: Uprising
Created by Kabam and published by Disney Interactive Studios, Star Wars: Uprising was an Action Role-playing, Single-player and Multiplayer video game for Android and iOS. It tells the story behind the Return of the Jedi. Instead of locking down the area, the Imperial Governor refuses to release his grip and... View more

12. RuneScape Classic

RuneScape Classic
Developed and published by Jagex, Runescape Classic is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing video game. It takes place in the fantasy world which is divided into the different regions, cities and kingdoms of Gielinor. You are able to choose to complete a series of quest, battle... View more

14. Pit People

Pit People
Pit People is an action game for Android which was developed and created by The Behemoth for many platforms. This game is a mixture of Co-op Adventure, Fast-paced Combat, and Turn-based factors. It takes place in a beautiful frictional world, where the players have to complete... View more

15. Melting World Online

Melting World Online
Melting World Online, which is created by Juvty Worlds Ltd for Microsoft Windows, is an Adventure, Strategy, Role-playing, Turn-based Tactical, and Massively Multiplayer Online video game. The game embarks you on a devastating event in which after the cataclysm that leads the planet Earth to the... View more