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A role-playing video game which is commonly known as the role-playing game or an abbreviated to RPG is a popular video game genre that allows the players to control a virtual character in a well-defined world. There, the player will be a part of the game's story. All of his actions in the game will determine the ending of the story. If you want to be immersed in a wonderful world with a lot of epic battles, challenging adventures, or playing as a hero who rescues the world from catastrophes, etc RPG is the game genre for you!

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About RPGs

As mentioned above, the role-playing video game is a video game genre that allows the player to immersed in a wonderful virtual game world where he plays as a figure in a game's story. In fact, this game genre has origins in the tabletop role-playing games and its first game is Dungeons & Dragons. Most of the RPGs have the same terminology, settings, and game mechanics. The game will develop along the storyline with abundant character and quest system and the player's mission is to play the role of his chosen character. Along with the development of the technology, the RPG game genre has evolved from a simple text-based console into rich 3D visual to provide the player with amazing experiences. In order to learn more about this popular and interesting video game genre, let’s explore the characteristics of this RPGs.

Characteristics of RPGs

As mentioned above, most role-playing video games use much of the same terminology, setting, and game mechanics. In these game, the players will control a chosen character (usually is a protagonist), or multiple characters (usually call a party); their mission in the game is to complete all the game's quests or reach the conclusion of the central storyline. These games also allow the player to explore the game world, solve the puzzles or take part in the game's combats. A special feature of this game genre is that the game's character can grow up in power and abilities through completing the quests.

Story and setting in RPGs

One of the most important characteristics of RPGs is the game story. An interesting storyline will help the game to become more attractive, makes the players to be immersed in the fantasy game world. Normally, lots of role-playing video games set the player into the role of a true hero who saves the world or any levels of the society from threatening. There will be twists and turns when the game story progresses such as the surprise appearance of a relative, the enemies become the friends or vice versa, etc. The game world is usually set in a virtual or science fiction universe and allow the player to do a lot of prodigious things that he can't do in real life.

In addition, the game's story often provides the player with much of entertainment. Because of its strong storyline, this game genre usually provides a lot of recorded dialogs and voiceover narration to make it becomes more attractive. Moreover, different from most of the other games that advance the plot when the player completes a quest or defeats an enemy, the role-playing video games usually advance the plot on the important decisions. For example, a player decides to join a guild, this is an important decision and it will trigger a progression in the game's storyline.

Exploration and quests in RPGs

Exploration and quests system also are two important aspects of RPGs genre. There are a lot of RPGs using these elements to make them become so attractive and addictive.

About exploration:

This is an interesting point of RPGs that allows the player to walk through, talk to NPCs (non-player characters), collect objects, and avoid all the traps. This makes the game's activities become richer and richer. In order to increase the ability of exploration for the players, the RPG's story is often mapped onto exploration. That means the game will take place in a different location in each chapter of the story and the player must own enough power to overcome all the challenges before progressing to the next area. This is quite similar to defeat all the enemies before fighting with the boss of the enemies in action games.

About quests system:

In RPGs, the players are usually required to complete a linear sequence of certain quests in order to reach the end of the story. In addition, some RPGs also allow the player to seek out some side quests by talking with an NPC.

Items and inventory in RPGs

Finding and collecting loot (such as clothing, weapons, armor, etc) through the game world is an interesting action of RPG. The players can gather the loot to upgrade their character's skills and abilities by exploring and completing the game's quests. In addition, RPGs also allow them to trade items for the game's currency and better equipment. The purchased items will be taken into their inventory and used when they need. However, there are some RPGs challenge the players by limiting the size of their inventory. That means the players have to decide what they will carry, the things are really useful for them instead of carrying all items they own.

Character actions and abilities

The action and ability of the character is an interesting point of the RPG genre. Many RPGs allow players to select characters from different classes. With each class, their characters have different characteristics of action and ability and playing in a different role in the storyline of the game. For example, there are many games that allow players to choose to play as an evil character in the game, they can rob and kill indiscriminately to earn a lot of money, but they will also encounter many enemies. That means these games allow the players to do anything they like, but they will have to face the consequences of their actions.

In addition, players also can train their characters to upgrade their abilities and skills by participating and completing many quests in the game, earning money and buying the best equipment for their character.

Experience and levels

Two of the most attractive characteristics of RPGs are experience and levels. The game's characters can become more powerful with a lot of special skills, weapons, and abilities by overcoming a lot of difficult challenges of the game. This is an important part that creates this genre's appeal when the players can experience the process of growing from an ordinary person into a superhero with amazing powers. In order to become a superhero, the player will have to participate in a lot of battles, defeat all the enemies, and complete game's quests to earn as many experience points (XP) as possible. When the XP is enough, the players will have a chance to level up, improve their character with a lot of skills and abilities, and participate in more epic battles. In addition, some games allow the players to unlock the new area if they have enough XP.

Combat in RPGs

Combat is a special feature that RPGs provide the player which makes this game genre become more interesting. Usually, these games require the players to participate in some battles against enemies and monsters. They will join in a lot of challenging adventures, and there, they will have to face a lot of enemies, bosses, and monsters. Complete all of them will help the player to improve the skills and abilities of his character, earn currency, level up, and have ability to unlock some new areas in the game, then having a chance to explore more about the interesting and mysteries things in the story's game.

Interface and graphics of RPGs

About interface: In 3D RPGs, the players usually navigate the game world from a first-person or third-person perspective to have a clear view of their party and their surroundings. On PC, the players will use the mouse to control the game by clicking on the icons or menu option; and on console games, they will control by using the game controller.

About graphics: Along with the development of technology, the RPGs usually provide the players with beautiful 3D graphics that be invested carefully in every detail.

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