16 Games Like Little Alchemy 2

Games Like Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a Crafting and Puzzle game style, which is developed and published by Recloak. This Single-player video game is launched for both Android and iOS users as well as the Browser. This game offers a gameplay as the sequel to Little Alchemy but comes with a brand new and extra items and fresh art-style with a little bit of charming music. In the gameplay, the player has to compound items together and create the land from scratch and figure out many amazing items or lose himself by exploring the new library. During the game, the player will begin with few items which will extend while the player processed through the game levels. The player can combine two different items to make a new one, for example, the player can combine the water and the earth to become the dust. The hint system can be used to solve the tricky puzzles and the clear button can be used to clean the screen from items except for important items. This game allows the player to release your character’s inner skills, craft as lots of items as he can to become the master.  Little Alchemy 2 offers prominent features such as a complete new Library, Vibrant Art-style, Original Soundtrack, and more. Come and find out this amazing game by yourself.

To be popular nowadays, many games like Little Alchemy 2 have been through many updates to be published. So there is no doubt that these games are worth to be the viral video games. Want to learn more about these? Click here!

1. Doodle God: Ultimate Edition

Doodle God: Ultimate Edition
Doodle God: Ultimate Edition developed and published by JoyBits, Inc., is an addictive combination of Puzzle, and Building Simulation, Match-3 elements that support for Xbox platform. Your main mission is to create a complete universe with the mixture of puzzle and building features. You will watch... View more

2. SoD: Alchemy Adventure

SoD: Alchemy Adventure
SoD: Alchemy Adventure is a cool game combining between Puzzle and Education factors progressed and released by Knowledge Adventure, Inc. It can be played both in Android and iOS system. The game illustrates smart gameplay that you have never tried before. You will experience the... View more

3. Potion Maker

Potion Maker
Potion Maker is a Puzzle game type, which is created by Sinsiroad. This Single-player video game is a 2D animated character and shows various levels, which are filled with many challenging tasks. The player’s mission is to choose your character and begin the match, in... View more

4. Little Alchemist

Little Alchemist
Little Alchemist is a Role-Playing and Puzzle game style, which is developed by Kongregate. This Single-player and Multiplayer video game give an amazing gameplay, which has more than three-hundred spells to collect and use. This game combines the elements of crafting, combat, and strategy and... View more

5. My Laboratory

My Laboratory
My Laboratory is an amazing Puzzle diversion by Weheartprojects.com. It amusement centers around those individuals who love playing Education and Puzzle recreations. It offers brilliant ongoing interaction with an awesome story, in which your world is close to the end and you are the last... View more

6. Alchemy Fusion

Alchemy Fusion
Created and developed by Snowy's App, Alchemy fusion is a video game that is very addicting, Available to play on Android only, With 4 basic elements at the start Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Using those four elements, the player can create anything that he... View more

8. Alchemy Classic

Alchemy Classic
Alchemy Classic is an addictive Puzzle diversion offers the comparable ongoing interaction to Doodle God and Alchemy. The amusement incorporates four fundamental components like other Alchemy recreations, for example, Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. A definitive errand is to utilize these four components and finds... View more

9. Doodle Alchemy

Doodle Alchemy
Doodle Alchemy centers around Confound components created and distributed by Byril. It offers the comparative ongoing interaction like Speculative chemistry. The diversion is set in a remarkable environment and compacts four unique components toward the beginning, for example, Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. A definitive... View more

10. Magic Alchemist

Magic Alchemist
Created for those players who love playing Alchemy Puzzle games, Magic Alchemist is a game live exactly to its name. It puts the player on an immersive adventure where he must prove himself at the best alchemist, with exciting gameplay. With... View more

11. Zed's Alchemy

Zed's Alchemy
Created by Andrew Zed Zakin, Zed’s Alchemy is a Puzzle, Education and Single video game. Only available to play on iOS platform. At the start, four basic elements such as Air, Water, Fire, and Earth is all the player have. over 200 elements can be... View more

12. Elements

Element is a hot trending Facebook game categorized in Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy video game created by Rekta. The game is set in an advanced era, it has 3D visuals and bases on PvP combats. Element plays a role as a cheif, it challenges you to... View more

14. Alchemy

Created by PopCap Games, Alchemy is a Single-player and puzzle video game. The game features astrological simple like Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Leo and many more. Runes are all the symbols in the game, the main goal of the player is to turn a square board... View more

15. Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy
Little Alchemy is a Puzzle game type which is very attractive to many players. This awesome game is developed by Recloak, which concentrates on education game style and starts with four different main elements. This game also allows the player to find the spaceship, unicorn,... View more

16. Toca Lab: Elements

Toca Lab: Elements
Toca Lab: Elements which created and published by Toca Boca for Android and iOS is an education, puzzle, and single-player video game. You are allowed to explore the electrifying and colorful world of science and encounter all 118 elements from the periodic table. During the... View more