16 Games Like Circuit Dude

Games Like Circuit Dude

Circuit Dude is an Arcade, Puzzle, and Single-player computer game distributed and created by Jonathan Holmes. The amusement focuses on the little character named as Circuit Dude, who is attempting to make his definitive super-mystery innovation by utilizing and connecting to chips, venturing on switches, pushing dividers and turning dividers. The diversion contains up to 100 levels and each level has an arrangement of riddles to fathom and energizing ongoing interaction with exciting exercises. Through level editorial manager, you can make your levels and can impart to your companions as a test. The essential target is to investigate the stage, push squares and place them in an exact place to keep away from snags. As the amusement propels, different highlights, levels, and riddles will be opened to play and appreciate. Circuit Dude looks simple to play, however difficult to ace. Utilize your minds, finish each level and score the high guides thought about toward your companions. With addictive highlights, splendid illustrations, and smooth controls, Circuit Dude is the best diversion to play.

Do you want to prove yourself? Join Circuit Dude now. Besides, this is a relaxing game! We do have lots of games like Circuit Dude for you to give you wonderful moments. Read below this content to know more.

1. Cubis 2

Cubis 2
Cubis 2 created and published by FreshGames is a Strategy, Puzzle and Single-player video game for the browser. Come to Cubis 2, you will have a chance to experience the three-dimensional environment and the classic match-3 gameplay. The game also offers a lot of levels with specific requirements that... View more

2. Rymdkapsel

Rymdkapsel centers on the Minimalist RTS (Real-time Strategy) ongoing interaction created and distributed by Grapefrukt for different stages. In the diversion, the essential occupation of the player is to build up a space station utilizing distinctive tetromino pieces while enrolling cronies, overseeing assets, guarding... View more

3. Intelligent Qube

Intelligent Qube
Intelligent Qube (otherwise called I.Q.: Intelligent Qube) is a Puzzle, Single and Multiplayer computer game created by Epics and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The amusement happens on the planet made up of solid shapes and it cast you in the job of the... View more

4. Chip's Challenge

Chip's Challenge
Chip's Challenge is a Puzzle and Single-player computer game distributed by Atari and created by Epyx. The amusement offers old exemplary interactivity and focuses on the hero named as Chip who needs to join the Bit Busters PC club to distribute with his fantasy... View more


GRUZCHIK is a mind-blowing Puzzle and Single-player computer game offered by NDPendent Games and BadDoge. The amusement happens in the interesting condition where he needs to moves an arrangement of boxes to place them in their right positions. It involves up... View more

6. Chuck's Challenge 3D

Chuck's Challenge 3D
Chuck's Challenge 3D is a Puzzle and Single-player computer game for various stages created by NvidiaLightspeed Studios. The amusement conveys the comparative ongoing interaction to Chip's Challenge and happens in the 3D condition where you control the adorable character to investigate nature and fathom... View more

7. A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build
A Good Snowman Is Hard to Build is an addictive, Isometric, and Puzzle computer game spins around the beast and his push to make snowmen. The amusements bolster Single-player mode just and distributed by Draknek and distributed Alan Hazelden. There are loads of levels,... View more

8. Soko Match

Soko Match
Soko Match is a 3D Puzzle computer game in a vivid domain with immersive interactivity. The amusement has single-player mode just and created by Antarsoft and distributed by Red Mount Media. It has a passionate story pursues the hero named as... View more

9. StartBolita

StartBolita is a Logical Puzzle and Single-player computer game offers the comparable ongoing interaction to Chip's Challenge and accessible to play on various stages. It has an addictive ongoing interaction that the players have never played. To start with, the levels may appear to... View more

10. Chip's Challenge 2

Chip's Challenge 2
Chip's Challenge 2 is tilt-based Puzzle, Isometric and Single-player computer game happens in the exceptional condition created and distributed by Niffler Ltd. The narrative of the amusement begins the latest relevant point of interest, in which the hero named as Chip McCallanhan at... View more

11. Parcel

The parcel is an addictive Cyberpunk Puzzle computer game where your definitive undertaking is to fathom interlocking laser destinations utilizing the capacities of extraordinary characters. The amusement occurred in the 3D condition and played either alone or community with colleagues. It acquaints up... View more

12. Sokoban Land DX

Sokoban Land DX
Sokoban Land DX is a super fun Puzzle computer game created and published by Juliano Ferreira de Lima for Windows. The diversion happens in five unique universes, includes 100 individual levels. It includes an energizing story, in which the hero needs your help with understanding... View more

13. Sokobond

Sokobond is known as an Educational, Puzzle and Single-player video game published and created by Alan Hazelden for multiple platforms in 2013. The game is telling about solving puzzles, unlocking other levels and scoring the highest points. The mission of... View more

14. Rainbow Hero

Rainbow Hero
Rainbow Hero is known as an Old-school Puzzle and 2D video game created by Pixel Elephant and published by Bigger Boat. The game has an exciting gameplay where levels may seem impossible to solve at first glance but simple when... View more

15. Chip's Challenge 1

Chip's Challenge 1
Chip’s Challenge 1 is known as a Tilt-based Puzzle, and Single-player video game developed and published by Niffler Ltd. It has an exciting story, in which the protagonist falls in love with a girl, who works in the computer club. The main character needs to join... View more

16. Abyssal Zone

Abyssal Zone
Abyssal Zone is an Arcade, Tilt-based Puzzle and Single-player computer game where you can go up against the job of the adorable animal and can just advance or turn. The amusement presents an accumulation of levels and each level is tackle utilizing various arrangements.... View more