35 Games Like Campfire Cooking

Games Like Campfire Cooking

Layton Hawkes developed Campfire Cooking as an addictive and Single-player Puzzle video game about relaxing moments in nature. In the game, it lets you assume the role of the chef and cook delicious meals over a warm fire. You discover the joy of cooking and can test your skills with mind-bending puzzles during the gameplay. Moreover, there are more than 100 dishes available to prepare, and you have to solve the tricky puzzles with one simple goal to prepare the food with a hint of smoke. The game will move you to the next level where you must solve a new task when you complete the level. The game happens in the beautiful environment and enables you to grab the stick and get ready to cook delicious food. In addition, it takes you on a trip where you can toast lots of marshmallows and immerse yourself in the puzzle experience. Campfire Cooking includes core features like lots of Levels, 100 Dishes to Prepare, Visit beautiful Locations, and more. Try it out, and you’ll like it.

This list below has many games like Campfire Cooking which will leave you unforgettable memories! Enjoy them one by one. They won’t let you down! Read more!

1. Windosill

Windosill is a wonderful adventure and puzzle-platformer game developed by Vectorpark. The game offers fantastic physics-based gameplay, takes you to a world made of paintings and drags you deeply into these realms full of twisted wonders. Everything you see in the game world is tangible and... View more

2. Dream Machine: The Game

Dream Machine: The Game
Dream Machine: The Game is an action and puzzle video game with a single-player mode, which was invented and introduced by GameDigits Ltd. The main context of this game is to provide the players many puzzles to solve. During the gameplay, the players need to guide... View more

3. Color Maze

Color Maze
Color Maze is a puzzle and action video game with a single-player mode. It was proclaimed and developed by RisingHigh Studio  . This game is designed by a background of the world full of white towers. The player’s basic task is to manage the t View more

4. QBert

QBert is a puzzle and single-player video game, which is introduced by Sideline Amusement for playing in Cross Platform. This game’s context basically has two modes: QBert Rebooted and Classic Arcade. QBert has a variety of levels and each of them includes a series of cubes.... View more

5. Echochrome II

Echochrome II
Echochrome II is a kind of puzzle video game with a single-player mode which was proclaimed by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Japan Studio only for the PS3 platform. This game is the latter version of Echochrome 2008. It requires the players to solve many... View more

6. Qbert: Rebooted

Qbert: Rebooted
Qbert: Rebooted is a single-player video game playing with multiple platforms. The game was published and raised by Sideline Amusement. Qbert: Rebooted has 1 new character and 2 new modes. It also includes many different levels, each of them carries the most exciting gameplay. The main... View more

7. Shadowmatic

Shadowmatic is a puzzle and single-player video game which was invented by Triada Studio Games. This game is applied to Android and iOS. The game’s requirement is quite challenging since the players have to move and rotate the objectives to create recognizable pictures in the projected... View more

8. Stephen's Sausage Roll

Stephen's Sausage Roll
Stephen’s Sausage Roll is a puzzle video game with a single-player mode. The game was created and developed by Incrpare Games. The way to play this game is quite simple, which is to ask the players to put the sausages to grill them on a grid-based... View more

9. Slayaway Camp

Slayaway Camp
Slayaway is a puzzle video game with a single-player game mode, which was invented by Wizard Digital LP. The game’s characteristic is a mixture between horror and puzzle-solving factors. Slayaway carries greater than 140 levels, which each of them provides the players a typical gameplay. The... View more

10. Deus Ex GO

Deus Ex GO
Deus Ex GO is a puzzle and top-down video game which was introduced and developed by Square Enix for the Windows and mobile devices. During the gameplay, the players have to control Adam Jensen - the protagonist of the game - to solve a long series... View more

11. Edge

Edge, which is called by another name such as Edgy or Edge by Mobigame, is a puzzle and arcade video game with a single-player mode. This game was developed by Mobigames for different platforms. The players will be required to control a cube through 48 levels... View more

12. Lumino City

Lumino City
Lumino City is a puzzle with adventure and single-player factors combined which was invented and introduced by State of Play Games. The game’s background is a unique environment, and the players have a responsibility to help the protagonist navigate to approach the city successfully, and then... View more

13. Warp Shift

Warp Shift
Warp Shift is a puzzle video game with a single-player mode which is only installed for the iOS and Android operating system. Warp Shift’s background is a secret world which provided players with a wonderful and challenging adventure. During the game, the player will control a... View more

14. Snakebird

Snakebird is a puzzle video game with a single-player mode which was published and raised by Noumenon Games. This game is applied for many other platforms. At the beginning of the game, the players have to guide colorful birds and create the right shape in order... View more

15. EDGE Extended

EDGE Extended
EDGE Extended developed by MobiGames which is an amazing Arcade, Puzzle, and Single-player Platform video game for Android and iOS. The game presents a three-dimensional graphics comprise up to forty-eight challenging stages, new gameplay mechanics, and twenty-three tunes. In the game, you control a square-shaped object... View more

16. Hitman GO: Definitive Edition

Hitman GO: Definitive Edition
Hitman GO: Definitive Edition created by Square Enix is a Turn-based Strategy video game which supports Single-player mode for multiple platforms. The game occurs in the Hitman universe, where you assumes the role of the main character named as Agent 47 through grid-based stages. In the... View more

17. Beat Sneak Bandit

Beat Sneak Bandit
Beat Sneak Bandit developed and published by Simogo AB is mixed of Stealth, Puzzle-based, Music and Single-player Rhythm video game for iOS. The game provides fascinating gameplay and brings a compelling storyline, in which all the clocks in the globe are robbed by the terrorist named... View more

18. There You Go

There You Go
There You Go is a 3D puzzle video game with a single-player mode. This game was made by Octogear Games and can only be installed on the Android platform. When engaging in this game, the player’s main mission is to discover the mazes and resolve many... View more

19. Hitman GO

Hitman GO
Hitman GO is an attractive adventure, strategy, puzzle and action video game which guides the players to a beautiful world name Hitman. Hitman GO’s context is quite similar to the Monument Valley. This basic mission of this game is to ask the players to jump into... View more

20. Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP
Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP generated and developed by Caypybara Games is one of the most enticing Graphic Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platformer and indie video game. In this game, you will set yourself up as the character of Scythia, who is the part of two super interesting worlds... View more

21. Nightsky

NightSky is an interesting Action – Adventure and Puzzle video game, which is amazingly created by Nicalis. Besides, the game is inspired by the Limbo. Entering the game, you are going to be a dark sphere which is literally a Ball and you have to control... View more

22. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2
Monument Valley 2 comes up as a brilliant Top-down isometric perspective, Puzzle, and Single-player video game. This is the sequel to Monument Valley and it is officially developed and published by Ustwo Games. The story of the game is about a mother named Ro with her... View more

23. Monument Valley

Monument Valley
Monument Valley is a cool puzzle video game developed by Ustwo - an indie game company. In Monument Valley, you will lead Princess Ida and help her overcome the difficult puzzles. The game is designed in a unique maze world. Monument Valley offers you an excellent... View more

24. Magic Flute

Magic Flute
Magic Flute, which is developed and established by LabLike Sp. Zo.o, is an amazingly immersive Adventure based Physics and Puzzle video game. The game gives you a chance to return to the lavish Mozart Classic Opera, which is an enchanted world of wonders, filled with several... View more

25. Ghosts of Memories

Ghosts of Memories
Ghosts of Memories by Paplus International Sp. Zo.o, is a legend Adventure, Physics-based Puzzle and Platform video game. The game takes you to an extremely beautiful and quite fascinating environment consisting of Four dissimilar worlds, where your mission is to discover lands once ruled by the... View more

26. Evo Explores

Evo Explores
Evo Explores is a fantastic new combination of Indie Puzzle and Platform video game which developed by Kyrylo Kuzyk. The game draws inspiration from the popular Monument Valley video game and provides the same genre of gameplay and mechanics. With all the Gravity Defying and Physics... View more

27. Back to Bed

Back to Bed
Back To Bed is a 3D puzzle video game which was raised by Bedtime Digital Games. This game mostly tells about Bob - the protagonist - who suffers from narcoleptic. Narcoleptic is a disorder that relates to a sudden feeling of sleepiness and a disability to... View more

28. Outside World

Outside World
Outside World is a kind of adventure, puzzle video game, which was introduced by Little Thingie. The story-line of this game is about a small girl named Kyrsten, she lost in a strange world covered by physical-based things. She really expects to find out the way... View more

29. Wonderputt

Wonderputt will bring you to an amazing world including lots of sand dunes, snow hills, impossible stone shapes, and a breath-taking scene. This game originally asks the players to enjoy a life on an island and play golf. To be more specific, you have to go... View more

30. Skyward

Skyward is an adventure and puzzle video game. It has the similar structure as Monument Valley because it comes from the inspiration of the famous Monument Valley video game. However, Skyward provides another story-line, different challenges as well as puzzles, and enhanced visuals. The feature of... View more

31. Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds

Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds
Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds is a video game with an eye-catching interface and interesting adventure-based experience. The protagonist of this game is Poco Eco, who loves taking adventures. He is going on a trip to look for his Tribe. During the journey, he, as... View more

32. EchoChrome

EchoChrome is basically a PS-specific title which provides a list of puzzles and lets the players many wonderful factors such as adventure and action platforms. This game requires a certain of the player’s skill and the ability of puzzle-solving. EchoChrome a wooden mannequin character. The player’s... View more

33. Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO
Lara Croft GO is originally an adventure and puzzle video game. The game takes place at a wonderful world and asks the players to discover the Ancient Ruins - a lost civilization - with the aim of finding out the artifacts and the mysteries of the... View more

34. Device 6

Device 6
Device 6 is a puzzle and adventure video game which was published and developed by Simogo. This game will lead to escape from a strange island by the way of using texts, sounds, and images in order to resolve various puzzles. The players will act as... View more

35. Papa Sangre II

Papa Sangre II
Papa Sangre II developed by Somethin’ Else and published by Playground Publishing B.V  which is a great Horror-themed Audio video game for iOS. It provides an impressive gameplay that you have never experienced before. Due to the storyline, the main character in the game is dead... View more