14 Games Like 2×2: Train your Brain

Games Like 2×2: Train your Brain

2x2: Train your Brain is really a cool game, which is created and published by Lovesters LTD. This game is a very attractive and interesting Crossword video game that requires a little bit more transformation game-play than Threes and the other tile connecting games. The central game-play of 2x2: Train your Brain is all similar; the only change is that instead of moving the figures. Besides, 2x2: Train your Brain also allows you to press on them and make them as you wish. When the figure is created, the game contains and allows you to jump one level to another and enjoy while getting into it and have so much fun. 2x2: Train your Brain can enjoy on both Android and iOS system, with incredible graphics, enormous of brilliant game-levels and unforgettable game-play. Give this game a try and you will love it!

In conclusion, 2x2: Train your Brain is a cool game with many attractive, mystery elements that will not let you down and you will have memorable moments with your friends and family members when playing it. Here is a list of games like 2x2: Train your Brain. Read below to learn more.

1. 2048

2048 is a fantastic Puzzle video game which brings a game-play identical to the popular Threes game. It is featured with the brilliant Swipe and match fun and allows you to match the tiles until all the added tiles sum up as 2048. Until you get the... View more

2. Hexic 2048

Hexic 2048
Hexic 2048 is known as a Puzzle and Single-player video game developed and published by SmartPlayLand for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The game has a superb gameplay that the players have never experienced before. It is held on a board comprises... View more

3. Nuclien

Nuclien by Springloaded is an exciting Action, Arcade, and Puzzle video game serves with Single-player mode for Android and Nintendo Switch. It provides with an immersive gameplay in which you have to count as quickly as possible in the splitting game that... View more

4. 2048 Knight

2048 Knight
Retro Box developed and published 2048 Knight as a Puzzle, Pixel-Graphic, and Single-player video game by for Android. The game follows traditional rules 2048 because these two share the same gameplay. It has the monster-hunter content and also revolves around the puzzle gameplay. The player needs... View more

5. White 2048

White 2048
White 2048 is an amazing game inspired by both Threes and 2048 which are really successfully on released and published. The familiar of this game with two others is they are all about Puzzling. However, this thrilling game requires a unique game-play with elevated machines and... View more

6. Fives

Fives is an amazingly impressive and challenging for those players who love Puzzle video game. The game is one of the most challenging game with the closest resemblances to Threes and 2048 series games, which is the attractive one that thousand people addict to play. Fives... View more

7. Betract

Betract is a thrilling video game containing grids and figures that are really colorful. It has a bee’s nest structure and arranging disorderly. This game will twist your brain and make your mind work unstoppable. The game missions you to plus the figures to increase the... View more

8. Digit Disorder

Digit Disorder
Digit Disorder is a famous and attractive game about calculation. It is developed and published by Mathway. This game can be played on both Android and iOS system and it also requires a special game-play with all excellent elements that you can think of if you... View more

9. 243

243 is a game progressed and published by Misho M. Petkovic. It is known as an interesting Puzzle game covered up with all the Figure tile-matching fun. This game requires the player a Threes and 2048 type graphics and game-play and let you team up the... View more

10. 2048 Casino Chips

2048 Casino Chips
2048 Casino Chips is an exciting game developed and released for iOS devices only. It is the combination between numbers and Puzzle that requires Casino Chips instead of the old-school tiles and let you have a great moment thanks for thrilling Puzzle game experience. 2048 Casino... View more

11. Countdown Number Puzzle Game

Countdown Number Puzzle Game
Countdown Number Puzzle Game is an addictive video game which takes the inspiration from the Threes and 2048 games. You need to use your best strategies and plans to be successful in the game. Especially, this amazing game lets you subtract the numbers and whenever you... View more

12. Threes

Threes is a quite difficult game provided by Sirvo LLC. Threes can be downloaded and used by three operating systems: iOS devices, Windows Phones, and Android devices. The basic understanding of this game and also the player’s main mission is to combine the similar numbers together... View more

13. Sudoku

Sudoku is a game developed by Web Sudoku for Android and iOS which is a Puzzle, Word and Single-player video game. The game is featured with offline features on your phone and lets you play anywhere, resume, and pause your game at any time. Four types of... View more

14. Super Sudoku

Super Sudoku
Super Sudoku is known as a Board and Single-player video game developed and published by Kiwi Mobile for Android. The game will follow the rules of the original Sudoku game, and it comes with five levels of difficulty. In the... View more