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Puzzles games is a video game genre that emphasizes puzzles solving. In this game genre, you can test your brain with thousands of different interesting and challenging puzzle games, you will find various kind of excellent puzzles to solve. No matter why you choose puzzles games: to kill time with your favorite games or to experience something more colorful, challenge and adventurous, you still can enjoy these feeling by playing our interesting puzzles games. And if you love one of them, you still can experience more other games like it by exploring and trying the games in our list of "games like your favorite ones"

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About puzzles games

Puzzles games is a video game genre which is designed to emphasize in puzzles solving. This game genre can help the player to test a lot of problem-solving skills such as logic, sequence solving, pattern recognition, and completing word or phrase. In Puzzles games, the player either has limited time to solve a puzzle or not. This problem depends on the gameplay and the difficulty of the puzzle.

Puzzles games are a very broad game genre, but it usually involves some levels of abstraction and may make use of many elements such as colors, shapes, numbers, physics, or complex rules. In addition, this genre usually provides the players with a limited number of tries (called "lives") to make more challenges for the game. In Puzzles games, the goal of the players it to get high score or progress to the next level.

Puzzles game's definition and gameplay

Puzzles games usually focus on logical and conceptual challenges and set in the time limited. Although there are a lot of other game genres such as action games, adventure games, etc that use the element of puzzles in their gameplay, we still can differentiate them from the puzzles games genre because all of them don't focus on solving the puzzles as the primary gameplay activity. Otherwise, the puzzles games usually involve symbols, colors, or shapes, and the player's mission is to manipulate directly or indirectly them into a specific pattern.

In addition, rather than show the players with a random collection of puzzles for solving, the puzzles games usually offer them a series of related puzzles that are the variation of a single theme, and this theme can involve logic, understanding a process, or just simple pattern recognition. The rules of this game genre are also simple; the players will control the game pieces on a grid, network, or any other interaction space and their mission are to unravel clues in order to complete a level then advance to the next part of the game. The difficulty of the puzzles will increase along the game progress.

Types of puzzles games

As mentioned above, the puzzles games genre is very broad and there are a lot of different puzzle game types such as Action puzzle games, Adventure puzzles games, Hidden object game, Reveal the picture game, Physics game, Tile-matching, and Traditional puzzle. In order to classify the type of these games, we will base on the primary gameplay activity of them.

Action puzzle games

Action puzzle games are the games that combine the elements of action and puzzle and this genre also known as a subset of puzzles games. These games require the players manipulate game pieces in a real-time environment with a time limit; There will be at least a character in these games and the players will have to control the character to solve the puzzles and complete the level.

Adventure puzzles game

Adventure-puzzles games include a lot of games that combine the elements of adventure and puzzles solving is a type of puzzles games. This type of game usually has a storyline and the player will be required to solve a lot of different puzzles from easy to difficult in order to unlock the way to a new area, then explore more about the story of the game. Typically, the tasks in these game are decoding the messages, puzzles to open the locked door.

The combination of two elements adventure and puzzles solving will make the games become more attractive because they require the players to have deductive and reasoning skills. And this is the reason a lot of developers set this combination into their gameplay.

Hidden object game

Hidden object games (also known as hidden picture) is a type of puzzles games in which the player must find all the hidden items in order to unlock some things or even to complete a level in the game. This type game is very popular, it is even a trend in casual gaming and nowadays, we often can see this element appearing in a lot of interesting and popular games. It was added to the games like an interesting and more attractive point of the games.

Reveal the picture game

Reveal the picture game is also an important type of the puzzles games. This type of game shows the players with a piece-by-piece revealing of a photo or picture and the player's mission is to decode all the mysteries to have a completed picture, using the picture to finish some quests of the game. One of the free online examples for this type of game is PicTAPr which divides a picture into 16 small square pieces.

Physics game

Physics game is also a type of puzzles games in which the player must use physics of the game to complete all the puzzles. The physics games that use the realistic physics are really hard to complete and the developers use these elements to make the games become more challenges.

Nowadays, the games with physics element are so attractive and especially popular in the online flash and mobile games.


Tile matching is a type of the puzzles games in which the player will manipulate the tiles in order to make them disappear from something according to a matching criterion of the game. This game type released first in 1985 in a game called Chain Shot. Nowadays, this type of game appears in a lot of popular games in the world such as Tetris, Candy Crush Saga, etc.

In a lot of tile-matching games that published recently, the matching criterion usually is to place the given number of the same type tiles next to together. That number usually is three and that is the reason "match-three games" was born; this type of game also known as a subset of tile-matching games.

Traditional puzzle

Of course, one of the most important types of Puzzles games is traditional puzzle games. This type of game gathers a lot of games that own gameplay with a lot of traditional puzzle elements such as word puzzles, number puzzles, or association puzzles. In addition, there are still a lot of digital adaptations of traditional puzzle games such as solitaire and mahjong solitaire, so, this type of game still survivals.

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