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Platform games on Coolgameslike are interesting and simple games to play and enjoy in your free time. If you want to experience a game without thinking about anything, just jump, shoot, and beat your way to the victory, this game genre is the best games for you!

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About Platform games

Platform games or also known as platformers are a subgenre of action video game genre. This is a popular game genre with a longtime history. Owning simple gameplay, in the platform game, the player will control a character or avatar to overcome all the obstacles and difficult terrains, jump into suspended platforms in order to come to the destination safely. Usually, the terrains in these games are uneven that require the players must control their characters skillfully to jump and climb to overcome all of the challenges without fall to the death or miss the necessary jumps.

This game genre is often combined with the elements of many other game genres such as shooting in shooter games, adventure in adventure games, or role-playing in RTS video games, etc. However, we still can distinguish these game genres by determining the core element in these games. 

History of Platform games

The Platform games originated in the early 1980s and Space Panic is determined as the first release of this game genre. Although Space Panic doesn't own a gameplay that satisfies the definition of Platform games (the player only has the ability to fall and can't jump), this game still known as the first platform game because of its affection to this game genre. 

After the launch of the first platform game, there are many other platform games have been released. First, these games used scrolling movement graphics to design the game. Sometime later, in 1989 Capcom released the Strider, a platform game title that allows players to scroll in multiple directions.

The peak of the popularity of Platform games

In 1990, PC games made a breakthrough in this genre by the release of Commander Keen. This game became the first platformer can offer smooth graphics by using the technique that developed by programmer John Carmack called "adaptive tile refresh".

Along with the development of science and technology, platform games have been developed and greatly improved in graphics. And the result is that the first 3D platform game, Alpha Waves was released in 1990 for Atari ST, Amiga, and PC. And in the 1990s, it was also the peak of the popularity of this game genre. As of 2006, platform games have become less influential in the gaming market, accounting for only 2% of the market. However, since 2010, a variety of endless-running mobile games have come out that mark of the popularity again of this game genre.

Subgenre of platform games

There are a lot of platform games don't adhere to any subgenre, however, we still can categorize platform games into some small subgenres such as Puzzle-platform games, Run-and-gun platform games, Cinematic platform games, Comical action games, Isometric platform games, Platform-adventure game, and Endless running games. All of them are the main subgenres of platform games and very popular in the world.

Puzzle-platform game

Puzzle-platform game is a quite popular subgenre of Platform games which use the platform game structure to drive the game whose challenges are derived primarily from puzzles. Door Door and DoliDoki Penguin Land which were released in 1985 perhaps are the first examples of this game genre.

Run-and-gun platform game

The run-and-gun-platform games are also a subgenre of Platform games. This game genre was popular after the release of Contra of Konami, a very famous game in the world. This game genre is the combination of platform game and shoot 'em ups games and characterized by the element of jumping into the precise platform and multi-directional shooting. For this reason, sometimes, these games also called as platform shooter games.

Cinematic platform game

Cinematic platform games are a small but distinct subgenre of the platform games that focus on fluid and lifelike movements to make the games become more realism.  In order to do that, lots of cinematic platformers have used rotoscoping techniques to animate the game's character based on the video scenes of live actors performing the same stunts.The abilities to jump in these game are usually in the range of an athletic human's capacity. These game never have limited lives and you can play it again because their characters can die when falling down from a relatively short distance. Although there are no limited lives, the games still can challenge you by requiring you to find out the right way to overcome a particular obstacle.

Comical action game

Comical action game is also a subgenre of the platform games however mostly only popular in Japan. Mario Bros is determined as the origin of this game genre though Bubble Bobble is also a game that has a high influence with it. The feature of this game genre are the single screen, non-scrolling levels, and the action-cooperation of 2 players.

Isometric platform game

The isometric platform game is also a subgenre of the Platform games that provide the players with a three-dimensional environment using two-dimensional graphics. This game genre usually heavily focuses on exploring the indoor environments (usually is a series of many small rooms that connected by doors) and combines the elements of adventure and puzzles.The first examples of the isometric platform games are Congo Bongo and Ant Attack which both released in 1983.

Platform-adventure game

Platform-adventure game is also a popular subgenre of the platform games that combines the element of adventure games. Usually, these games allow the player to explore an area freely, enter the new areas by using the new abilities or inventory items.

Endless running game

The endless running game is a very popular subgenre of the platform games that mark the popularity again of this genre. As mentioned above, in 2006, the popularity of the platform games reduced. Until 2010, when lots of endless running games for mobile were released, this game genre once again becomes so popular.In these games, the players will control their character to jump, attack, or some special actions to run as far as possible.

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