30 Games Like GunZ 2: The Second Duel

Games Like GunZ 2: The Second Duel

GunZ 2: The Second Duel, is a perfect game for players who are interested in MMO Third-person shooting games with a fast-paced gameplay and an amazing 3D graphics. In the game, players will be a part of an exciting MMO gameworld and engage in epic MMO combats. Unlike other MMO Shooting games, GunZ 2: The Second Duel has a unique third-person shooting element and incredible features such as thrilling, character classes and a variety of customization options as well as a massive number of different weapons to choose from and finally the super western shooting skills. Along with great features, the game also offers numerous upgrades and DLCs for every player to try for the best experience of the game. This genre of games has a lot of great games but GunZ 2: The Second Duel is one of the best as it provides players with Action-packed battles, MMO Shooting elements, great visuals, an addictive gameplay and revamped mechanics.

Feeling so excited and want to immerse yourself into the game's amazingly action-packed gameworld? So stop hesitating and join GunZ 2: The Second Duel now and you will be impressed. We also bring you a list of games like GunZ 2: The Second Duel that will blow your mind up. Read below.

1. Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga
Crystal Saga is an addictive free to play MMORPG video game which was made by R2games. With an excellent 2.5D graphics, the game takes you into a virtual world where you will play as a wings warrior who fights against all legions of the enemies and monsters.... View more

2. Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods

Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods
Hearthstone, the game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, is a freemium collectible card video game with many series. And Whispers of the Old Gods is an expansion pack for this popular Hearthstone and offers players the stunning feeling with many improvements in gameplay, mechanics as well as graphics. A... View more

6. Super Monday Night Combat

Super Monday Night Combat
Super Monday Night Combat (or shortly stylized as SMNC), which is a fantastic Free to play MOBA video game. The game combines the smart Third-person Shooting elements with a crazy good experience ever to challenge you with multiple tasks. The game lets you choose any of... View more

9. Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes
Battlefield Heroes which developed by EA Dice is a free to play, multiplayer, and third-person shooter video game. The game comes with a team-based gameplay and you are allowed to be part of a team, have fifty lives, run wild in the game world and kill... View more

10. Serious Sam

Serious Sam
Serious Sam by Croteam is an episodic action, first-person shooter video game. The game offers an extremely action and thrill-packed game-play in which your goal is to kill the frequently spawned enemies, jump and strafe your way through their projectiles, bullets, and blasts etc. and survive... View more

11. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2 by Valve Corporation is a wonderfully engaging single and multiplayer, FPS video game. The game allows you to take part in one of the two mercenary teams, choose your character from 9 main classes and battle against the enemies by using state of... View more

12. Panzar

Panzar is a wonderful action, MMORPG, and fantasy-based video game. In the game, you are allowed to engage yourself in epic team-based PvP (8 vs 8) and adventurous PvE combats with the enemies or join in regular tournaments and earn real prizes. The game allows... View more

13. Battle of the Immortals

Battle of the Immortals
Being introduced by Perfect World Entertainment, Battle of the Immortals is a 3D, Fantasy-based, Massively Multiplayer Online, and Role-playing video game. All what you gotta do from the beginning is hunting incredible monsters, completing quests as well as battling against other playing all around the world... View more

14. CrimeCraft: GangWars

CrimeCraft: GangWars
CrimeCraft: GangWars is essentially an awesome Expansion pack for the celebrated CrimeCraft computer game. This awesome game is a freemium MMO Third-individual Shooter and activity-filled ponder set in the domain of seeped out and crushed Scorpion Chamber. Every one of the packs is making a... View more

15. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is turn-based, strategy, and the digital collectible card game which developer is Blizzard Entertainment and you do not pay any cost for this game. The game comes with a lot of turn-based battles, some game modes, missions, adventure, battles with ferocious enemies... View more

16. Combat Arms

Combat Arms
Combat Arms is a cool Hardcore Action-Packed, Co-op MMOFPS, and Fast-Paced video game, which is developed by Doobic Studios. The game provides with a similar gameplay, great mechanics and offers a thrilling action oriented scenarios in the Multiplayer gameplay. Combat... View more

18. Knight Online

Knight Online
Knight Online developed by MGame Corporation and published by MGame, eGames, and NTT Games is an extremely amazing free action-Adventure and MMORPG video game that the gamers can play it only on PC. You have to choose and customize your online avatar as an original procedure. To start... View more

19. Chrono Tales

Chrono Tales
Chrono Tales is an addictive MMORPG action video game and it is completely free on the browser. The essential element in this game is your battle to fight the worst enemies.According to environmental attacks, your mission in Chrono Tales as a brave warrior through time to rescue... View more

20. Swordsman Online

Swordsman Online
Swordsman Online is a free MMO-RPG by Perfect World Entertainment, based on a fantasy novel of China, The Smiling. The game is strongly influenced by the Chinese martial arts, combats, and valor. As a player, you will have the chance to take part in amazing action-packed... View more

21. Talisman Online

Talisman Online
Talisman Online developed by Mira Games is an incredible MMO-RPG game that is so popular with online-game players all over the world. In the game, you will be allowed to immerse yourself into massive battles between two factions, the Evil and the Justice that are based... View more

22. Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online
Fiesta Online is a well-known, free MMORPG with amazing Fantasy-based and anime-inspired aesthetics elements. The game allows you to be the author of your own story with the uniquely customized character and its unique skills and characteristics. The character choices include Fighter, Mage, Cleric, Archer, Trickster,... View more

24. S4 League

S4 League
As an anime art style MMO FPS game, S4 League is here to blow your mind with its unique gameplay as to provide players hours of exciting gaming. Submerge into this whole new world of FPS from both first-person and third-person perspectives the game offers. Get eager throughout the game... View more

25. Smite

Smite is developed by Hi-Rez Studios which provided an attraction features Third-person Action and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game-play. The game allows the online player to join in Arena combat events, earn powers and use them to advance tactics to fight against your enemies or... View more

26. Divine Souls

Divine Souls
Divine Souls is another amazing F2P MMORPG with Real-Time hardcore Combats, enormous action and thrill come across with the enemies and lots of marvelous points, The player can travel through the game world alone or team up with a party of finest ever soldiers and go... View more

27. Warframe

Warframe, which is developed by Digital Extremes, is an awesome FPS video game. The plot of the game is about the Tenno Warriors, who have woken up from years long cryo-sleep. In this game, there is a big war between Humans, Grineer (Humanoid Clones), The Corpus... View more

29. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Counter Strike: Global Offensive or you can call it “CS: GO”, is an interesting Multiplayer, Tactical, and Online FPS game which is developed by Valve Corporation. With an awesome multiplayer FPS and objective-based game-play, Counter Strike: Global Offensive lets the... View more

30. Double Action: Boogaloo

Double Action: Boogaloo
Double Action: Boogaloo, which is presented in a film Noir style, is an MMO, Action and Third person Shooter video game. The game gives you the privilege to eliminate your enemies while showing off some of the best action stunts you have ever seen... View more