12 Games Like Nitro Type

Games Like Nitro Type

Nitro Type, available game to play on the Browser, is a Racing, Single-player and Multiplayer Typing video game. It is a chance for you to test and also improve your typing speed, which helps you type faster when working on the computer. The combination of typing and racing will make you enjoy the game. This game offers you playing in both Single-player mode and Multiplayer mode. The different between Single-player mode and Multiplayer mode is the number vehicles that you will compete: Unlike in the Single-player mode, you can drive the vehicle alone, Multiplayer mode let you compete up to five players from around the globe. While playing, you can increase the speed of the vehicles by typing a paragraph with a task to cross the finish line before anyone as soon as possible. You will encounter skilled players with the highest typing speed at the higher levels. You can unlock vehicles and upgrade when you finish your session at First Place. Let's play the game, and get your medals in each race!

Enjoy Nitro Type with addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and multiple vehicles. And don't forget to keep reading below to get information about more games like Nitro Type that we prepared for you.

1. Typer Shark! Deluxe

Typer Shark! Deluxe
Typer Shark: Deluxe, which is developed by Popcap Games Inc, is a unique typing game. The game offers a single-player mode. This game is usually played by kids. It takes place in the sea environment where has lots of sharks. As a protagonist, you have to... View more

2. Don't Shit Your Pants

Don't Shit Your Pants
Don't Shit Your Pants, developed by Teddy Lee and published by Decade Studios, is a Text-Based, Graphics Adventure and Single-player video game. This incredible gameplay will give the player strange experiences that you have never solved before. The special thing about this game is the combination... View more

4. Seen

Seen has a very simple gameplay with many factors of Typing, Single-Player Simulation and Visual Novel. Seen is developed and published by Polychrome Games for Android platform. This game will provide the players with a chance to explore the real first love – which is an... View more

5. God of Word

God of Word
God of Word is an impressive combination of many elements such as Role-playing, Action, Word, Typing, and Puzzle. The game offers both Single and Multiplayer modes and occurs in the medieval-themed environment. It provides a fascinating gameplay full of difficulties and word challenges. There are a... View more

6. Words for Evil

Words for Evil
Words for Evil is the blend of Typing, Spelling, Adventure and Word game progressed and released by Dylan Loney. It contains those facts of word, outstanding and role play and allows the player to finish a set of crossword by matching a variety of letters to... View more

7. Revolution 60

Revolution 60
Revolution 60 is an alternative version of Puzzle containing Adventure, Typing, and Single-player designed by Giant Spacekat. The story happens in a girl group of four working in a unique unit and their desperate to release the space station. At the same time, the political war... View more

8. Steno Arcade

Steno Arcade
Steno Arcade requires Music, Tying F2P, and Arcade video game progressed and released by For All to Play. This game has the Single-player mode and lets you be a part of the musician role. The final task is to sing a song typed by your keyboard... View more

9. Epistory: Typing Chronicles

Epistory: Typing Chronicles
Epistory: Typing Chroniclesis a single-player typing game with action and adventure factors, which is raised by Fishing Cactus and invented by Plug in Digital. The plot of this game is about a writer who loses her inspiration and needs the muse to help her write the... View more

10. Stop Online: Battle of Words

Stop Online: Battle of Words
Stop Online: Battle Of Word is a word, casual, puzzle and multiplayer video game which established by BRHP for children. The basic context of this game is to allow you compete against friends around the world by typing as many words as possible. To be more specific, you will face... View more

11. The Typing of the Dead: Overkill

The Typing of the Dead: Overkill
The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill is a horror, shooting, typing and single-player video game created by Modern Dream. This game follows the structure of its predecessor but its gameplay is a little bit different. Players have responsibilities to shoot all the zombies successfully by typing... View more

12. Ztype: Typing Game

Ztype: Typing Game
Ztype: Typing Game is an amazing Typing video game, takes place in the space world, in which players control a ship from a top-down perspective with a duty to take down all enemy’s ships to save the world. Also, in this... View more