15 Games Like Hill Climb Racing

Games Like Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is truly a great driving and Physics-Based video game. It lets you drive a vehicle on many amazing tracks of the game. Hill Climb Racing is about a character called Newton Bill who is a great Uphill-Racer; Newton Bill is ready to join a new interesting journey. Your objective in this game is to control Newton Bill, drive a cool vehicle with the unique Physics system overcome the Moon’s highest hills. This game lets you face the hard puzzles, collect the bonuses by performing nice tricks, and reach the highest distances… Besides, the game also brings you many impressive features, such as many cool vehicles, unique upgrades, many levels, and smooth controls. Hill Climb Racing is truly one of the best games to enjoy. Give this awesome game a try and you will be hooked! Trust me, dude!

Hill Climb Racing is a spectacular physics game. We’ll now give you a list of impressive games like Hill Climb Racing, all with highly and awesome graphics. Roll down to find out more!

1. Ski on Neon

Ski on Neon
Ski on Neon, which offers the unique Hill Climb Racing element, is a great Action, Physics-Based, skill-based, and Sports video game. This game brings a beautiful Neon World where you have to use the timing correctly to jump, land, and try to make a good distance.... View more

2. Snuggle Truck

Snuggle Truck
Snuggle Truck developed and published by Owlchemy Labs is an incredible Racing, Driving, and Action video game. The game has brilliant physics-based gameplay. The main task of the game is to save the cargo of crazy animals by delivering them to the beautiful zoo within limited... View more

3. Tiny Wings HD

Tiny Wings HD
Tiny Wings HD developed and published by Andreas Illiger is a Puzzle, Side-scroll, and Single-player video game for iOS. The game follows the bird with tiny wings, who has always dreamed of flying. The game takes place in the beautiful world full of stunning hills. You... View more

4. Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings
Tiny Wings, Illiger is an amazingly addictive Physics-Based video game inspired by the popular Hill Climb Racing and loads of other cool games of this specific genre developed by Andreas. In the game, you are in the role of a bird with small wings. The main... View more

5. CycloManiacs 2

CycloManiacs 2
CycloManiacs 2, which is designed to play on the Web Browser, is a cool Sports, Racing, Single-player, and Action video game. CycloManiacs 2 offers you unique gameplay; it puts you into the role of a protagonist who has to race as fast as possible and reach... View more

6. Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2
Hill Climb Racing 2, which is developed and published by Fingersoft, is a cool Racing and Side-scroll video game. This game offers both Single and Multiplayer modes for Android and iOS devices. Hill Climb Racing 2 takes place in a cool virtual world consists of different... View more

7. Blocky Roads

Blocky Roads
Blocky Roads, which is created by Dogbyte Games, is an interesting Driving, Physics-Based, and Car Racing video game. Your task in this game is to drive the car on many beautifully virtual hills, cool snowy mountains and awesome desert sand dunes while doing some driving skills.... View more

8. Tiny Bee

Tiny Bee
Tiny Bee, which is made by Nuro Games, is an awesome addictive and engaging Physics-Based game. This game talks about a cute Bee with its tiny wings who faces many difficulty in flapping the wings and fly through the hills to get to her beautiful flower... View more

9. Speedy BMX Bike: Hill Race

Speedy BMX Bike: Hill Race
Speedy BMX Bike: Hill Race from the makers of the famous Speedy Truck: Hill Racing series is a cool Physics-Based BMX Bike Racing game. The game lets you drive a BMX Bike on some stunning crafted Hills and show some cool stunts to gain rewards. This... View more

10. Speedy Truck: Hill Racing

Speedy Truck: Hill Racing
Speedy Truck: Hill Racing developed by Lancer Wonders is a cool Physics-Based driving video game that offers a Hill Climb Racing type gameplay and mechanics. The game allows you to drive a high-speed truck on hills. Your job is to drive the truck in fast speeds... View more

11. Rails and Metal

Rails and Metal
Rails and Metal, which is made by Turbulence 101 Games, is a cool Driving and Physics-Based video game. Rails and Metal puts you into the role of a train driver; your task is to drive your fast train on many beautiful and cool tracks as well... View more

12. Penguin

Penguin, which is made by Big Duck Games, is an interesting Physics video game. Do you know, Penguins are the “can’t-fly- birds”, but not in this cool video game though. The Penguins still have its small wings and they still can fly. All you have to... View more

13. Dillo Hills 2

Dillo Hills 2
Dillo Hills 2, a cool Online Physics-Based video game, is about a story of the little Arma Dillo who wants to fly without wings in the sky like the birds. In this game, your task is to help Dillo slide on the hills, get the speed... View more

14. Dragon, Fly!

Dragon, Fly!
Dragon, Fly!, which is made by Four Pixels, is an awesome and engaging Physics video game. Dragon, Fly! puts you in to the role of a little cute Dragon Pup who is still not ready to fly. Your mission in this game is to help the... View more

15. Effing Worms 2

Effing Worms 2
Effing Worms 2, which is developed by EffingGames, is a Browser-based, Action, Side-scroll, and Single-player video game. The game lets you enjoy in the stunning gameplay and takes place in the city environment where you controls a bloody worm who must eat the citizens, including animals... View more