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Are you a fan of speed races? If yes, get ready to jump into our world of driving games, choosing your vehicle: cars, bikes, boats, or any other that you think of, driving and taking part in lots of high-speed races. On Coolgameslike, we introduce to you more than 900 interesting driving games for free, so, you can explore a huge world of this game genre and find out the best game that suitable for you.

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About driving games

Driving games are a genre of video game that focuses on driving at least one vehicle, taking part in lots of races, and overcoming all the difficult terrains on the way. These games can be set in both first-person and third-person perspective and usually based on our real-world racing leagues. In fact, driving games also can be classified as a category of sports games.

Definition of driving games

The driving game is a video game genre in which the player will control a simulated or imagined vehicle to enter a big race or simply pass all difficult terrain and get the destination safely (such as Happy Wheels).This game genre can be distributed along a spectrum anywhere between arcade driving games and driving simulation games.

The vehicles in driving games

In driving games, there are many types of vehicle for you to choose from. Any vehicle that you can think of, you also can find in the driving games. In fact, most of the vehicles in this game genre are simulated from the vehicle in our real life such as hundreds of car's type, motorbikes, bicycles, trucks, planes, ships, etc. In addition, some games provide you with lots of imagined vehicles will bring you a huge world of this game genre.

History of driving games

Having a long time history, the driving game genre was the first released in 1969. The first game of this genre was determined as electro-mechanical Grand Prix which was made by Saga. This is the first game that provides a first-view and a forward-scrolling road. In 1973, Space Race - the first driving arcade game was released. The years later, there are a lot of driving games were released and improved. Along with the development of technology, the first 3D vector driving game - Vectorbeam's Speed Freak was released in 1979, this is an important innovation of this game genre. In the 1980s, lots of driving games started to feature background music after the release of Rally-X. Until today, this game genre has been innovated, improved so much and become one of the most attractive video game genres in the world.

Subgenres of driving games

Driving games isn't a large video game genre, however, it still includes some subgenres such as Arcade-style driving games, Driving simulators, and Kart racing games.

Arcade-style driving games

Arcade-style driving games are a subgenre of driving games that focus on the fast-paced experience with a lot of high-speed and dangerous races in unique ways. One of the most important features of this game genre is that their physics is far more liberal than driving simulation games. In fact, in the driving simulation game, the player must reduce his speed to take most turns while arcade-style driving game allows or even encourage the player to "powerslide" the car, keep up his speed by drifting through a turn. All the collisions with other drivers and obstacles in this game genre are much more exaggerated than driving simulation games.The games in this genre usually take place on highways, windy roads, or in any famous city in the world and provide a lot of dangerous and death-speed races. In addition, many arcade-style driving games increase the competition between the players by offering the feature of weapons in which they can use these weapons against the opponents. Being a game genre that provide lots of dangerous scenes, arcade-style driving games are the game genre for those who love speed and want to experience the thrilling.

Driving simulators

Driving simulators games are an important subgenre that we can't ignore when mentioning about driving games. A key feature of this genre is that it strives to simulate the real races and real car in our world. In addition, these games also try to provide the players with vehicular behavior physics to make their experience become more realism. You will have to deal with the car's tire condition and fuel level in order to make sure that your car will act normally. Moreover, when turning the car in any corner of the city or roads, you also have to control skillfully.

Kart racing games

Kart racing games are also a popular genre of the driving game with a simple driving mechanics, the addition of obstacles, unusual track designs, and a lot of different action elements. This game genre provides a more arcade-like experience than other driving games and generally offers interesting gameplay in which, the player's character can do more things than driving.

Driving games without racing element

In addition to 3 subgenres that we have just listed above, there are a lot of other games that don't have the racing element on their gameplay and we classified them into a subgenre. In this genre, the player will control a character with a unique vehicle and overcome all the difficult terrain in the game. Different from racing games that have a lot of obstacles on the race line and require the players to move left, right, or jump to overcome, the games in this genre contain the much more difficult obstacles. The players will have to face dozens of hard terrains and find out a way to pass them safely.

Driving games on Coolgameslike

Coolgameslike is a site for finding games like your favorite one so, we have a huge information system with total more than 10000 games from all genres. About driving games, we have collected more than 900 game titles. All of them are interesting games that selected carefully. No matter which driving games are you looking for, arcade-style driving games with a lot of death-speed races, a driving simulator game with a modern car, or a kart racing game with exciting races and powerful weapons, you still can find all of them on our site. Being the best place for finding games like your favorite ones, so, if you love any driving games, you also can find out hundreds of other driving games like it about both genre, gameplay, or even graphics on Coolgameslike.

Why should you choose Coolgameslike for finding driving games?

A huge game database

As mentioned above, at this time, we have collected total more than 10000 games titles for all genres and more than 900 games for driving games genre. With a huge game database like this, we can satisfy all your needs on finding games.

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With a simple interface and detail information, Coolgameslike provides you with an easy and convenient way to find games and games like your favorite one. In fact, as you can see on our website, we categorized all game titles follow their genres, arranged them by the relation about gameplay, graphics, or special features.

In order to searching an interesting game, you just visit our site, choose the category of game, read the review post for each game, and choose the best game that suitable for you. If you have experienced any driving game and want to try some other games like it, it is extremely easy to do, just enter the name of that game on our searching item, you will see a list of games like it, select platform filter, read the review post for each game, and finally choosing the game that you feel it is the most similar game to your favorite one that available on the platform of your device.

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As we both know, there are a lot of risks and harms on the internet, so, finding a safe and reputable website is necessary. If you are looking for a free introduction game site like that, Coolgameslike is the best site for you. On Coolgameslike, we provide you with game's information, the games that related together in a safe way. You won't download or install anything for accessing our site, just visit and find the game you want to play. In addition, we also offer you the links to play this game and all of them are safe. We only provide you with the links of the game's developer or reputable organizations, so, there is no risk can harm your device on Coolgameslike.

Finally, if you have any question or problem about Coolgameslike, please feel free to contact and let us know. We are very pleased to help you to solve all of your problems.

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