3 Games Like Under a Killing Moon

Games Like Under a Killing Moon

Under a Killing Moon is known as a 1994 point-and-click adventure interactive movie video game. It is served as the third installment in the Tex Murphy series of adventure games produced by Access Software. In the game, the detective Tex Murphy finds himself unwittingly involved in the affairs of a dangerous cult. Under a Killing Moon absolutely shifted the gameplay of its predecessors in the series by fully utilizing interactive 3D environments. The player in this game then will control the protagonist Tex from a first-person perspective. In the game, the virtual world allows full freedom of movement, and as such allows the player to look for clues in every nook and cranny. This was also the first Tex Murphy game to stray from the traditional adventure game dialogue format of providing options that showed exactly what the player's character would say.

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1. Time Travelers

Time Travelers
Time Travelers is known as a video game "without a genre" developed by Level-5 for the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable. The demo of the game was included with the release of Level-5's Nintendo 3DS eShop title. This game's mystery-themed narrative was penned by Jiro Ishii, who previously directed Chunsoft's acclaimed 2008 visual novel 428:... View more

2. Urban Runner

Urban Runner
Urban Runner is known as a French produced[2] computer game developed by Coktel Vision and published by Sierra On-line. This game itself is an interactive movie controlled with a mouse. Same like many games of this type the player progresses by collecting items, talking to characters and... View more

3. Late Shift

Late Shift
Late Shift is developed by CtrlMovie Ltd. It is an Adventure, Interactive Movie, and Single-player video game. The game revolves around the story of a mathematics student who is accused of the massive robbery of the auction house in the London heist. Now he has to... View more