12 Games Like Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition

Games Like Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition

Three-Fourths Home: Extended Edition is created by Bracket Games and Digerati Distribution issue which is an adventure, and Single-player gameplay. The game focuses on a graphic short story where the player becomes the Kelly character name, during her drive through an enormous storm. In the twenty miles from Kelly parent's house to the crumbling injury of her grandparents, the characters obtain a call from her darling mother. When driving your car through illustration of the Nebraska countryside, the player has to discover the maintenance between the central character and her parents and her younger brother. Similar to other Visual Novel, the game takes on conversation choices and it brings over eight-hundred discussion choices the storyline in a different way, depending on your play style. Especially, the player must maintain driving the vehicle to keep the discussion going while playing. Three-Fourths Home: Extended Edition has many great features about radio, graphics, story-line, visuals, and more for the player to explore. Surely you like it, don’t miss the game!

Three-Fourths Home: Extended Edition is truly the best adventure game-play, but there are many other games are waiting for you to explore. Below this post, we offer some games like Three-Fourths Home: Extended Edition, all of them will bring you to an amazing game-world ever. Roll down for more information.

1. Sara is Missing

Sara is Missing
Sara is Missing is a truly exciting simulation game, which was developed and published Kaigan Games. The game has an extremely interesting story that revolves around the female who has disappeared named Sara. In this game, you are allowed to assume the role of the protagonist and... View more

2. Her Story

Her Story
Her Story which developer and publisher are by Sam Barlow is an adventure, detective, the point-and-click and single-player video game. The game allows players to continue with the database of police on direct action. The game begins with a film actress named as Viva Seifert, Joe... View more

3. Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story
Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story which created by Accidental Queens and published by Playdius is an adventure, mystery, interactive fiction, and single-player video game. The game provides an exciting gameplay that you have never experienced before. In the game, you need to find the young woman’s... View more

4. Simulacra

Simulacra, which developer and publisher are Kaigan Games OU, is a narrative horror, adventure, and single-player simulation. The game provides a thrilling story, revolving around a woman named Anna. In the game, you look for a phone of a woman named Anna, in which you see... View more

5. Lifeline: Crisis Line

Lifeline: Crisis Line
Lifeline: Crisis Line is an adventure game by the creator 3 Minute Games and it is available for both Android and iOS users. This game offers the marvelous gameplay that you are able to take the role of the detective who must solve a variety of problems... View more

6. 80 Days

80 Days
80 Days is an amazing fiction video game by Inkle. This game can be downloaded by multiple platforms. The story of the game is based on a fictional novel, named Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Berne. In this game, the main character who... View more

7. Stories Untold

Stories Untold
Stories Untold is a narrative-driven adventure game that created by No Code and published by Devolver Digital. The game offers the unique gameplay with many amazing features. In practical, this game has only one mode as single-player, and also includes up to four unique stories takes... View more

8. Survivor Z

Survivor Z
Survivor Z is an amazing adventure game that can let you have a unique experience. This game takes place in the special environment as zombie-apocalypse, where almost 90% human population has been killed and only a few people could survive. The Survivor Z’s story is about... View more

9. EpicMafia

EpicMafia is such an amazing game video game that attracts a lot of players all over the world by many great features. In fact, its features are up to 167 unique, which include a feature to play with a webcam.  Also, the EpicMafia offers many exciting... View more

10. Choice of Romance

Choice of Romance
Choice of Romance is an amazing game, which combines the elements of role-playing, adventure, interactive, and text-based. This game is developed for both Android and iOS users. The game offers several adventures and you can select one of them to enjoy their amazing story and see... View more

11. The Republia Times

The Republia Times
The Republia Times is truly an interesting simulation game, which was created by Lucas Pope. In The Republia Times, you will take the role-play of the protagonist which is a newspaper editor works in a titular newspaper known as The Republia Times. Your character stuck between... View more

12. The Ensign

The Ensign
The Ensign is an exciting by Amirali Rajan and inspired by the game named The Dark Room. Specially, The Ensign is one of the best text-based game with permanent expires characteristic. This game takes place the unknown planet and let you become a part of an... View more