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Adventure games: Falling in a dangerous dungeon, finding all the terrible secrets to escape from a mysterious haunted area, or discovering the ocean as a pirate, etc. Adventure games come in a lot of different shapes and sizes but all of them take you into many interesting stories that there, you are the protagonist. Whether you want to become a true hero or just want to challenge your intelligence by finding all the secrets and mysteries in an attractive story, our category of adventure games can make it easy, fun and free. You can find all the best attractive stories, or all the best games like your favorite freely on our website, 

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About adventure games

Adventure games are a video game genre in which the player will play as a protagonist in an interactive story, there, he will have to explore and solve all the puzzle to complete the game's quests. This game genre focuses on the stories which are created as literature and film; they usually encompass a wide variety of literary genres.

Because the adventure games emphasis on story and character, most of the adventure games are designed in the single-player mode. Colossal Cave Adventure which was first released in 1976 is identified as the first game in the adventure games genre.

Definition about adventure games

In fact, the term "Adventure game" was born in the 1970s and originated from a text computer game called Colossal Cave Adventure. As mentioned above, this game is also identified as the first game in this game genre. After that, all the adventure games that were developed as same gameplay as the original. And it is also the reason that the adventure games genre is defined by its gameplay.

All the essential elements of the adventure games including storyline, exploration, and puzzle solving. This game genre also has been described as the stories with a lot of the puzzles and mysteries, where the player has to unlock piece by piece of the mystery following the narrative content. An adventure game that offers the player a lot of puzzles but he can't be pulled out of the narrative content is considered as a good adventure game.

Relationship of adventure games to other genres

As mentioned above, the adventure games genre is defined by its gameplay, so, it is very easy to differentiate it from other game genres. However, nowadays, the game is usually developed that combines a lot of element, so, there is the relationship between various game genres.

Action-Adventure games

In an adventure game, the elements of combat and action challenges are limited or completely absent. However, there are lots of adventure games have these elements and they called action-adventure games.

RPG-adventure games

In addition, the adventure games are also different from the genre of role-playing video games that involve the elements of action, team building, and points management. This game genre lacks of the skill system, combat, opponents, the numeric rule or relationship that usually can be seen in role-playing games and also seldom has an internal economy. However, still, there are some adventure games that combines the elements of a role-playing game, so, they are considered as RPG-adventure games.

Adventure and puzzle games

Finally, although owning a lot of puzzle solving elements, the adventure games are still classified separately from the puzzle game genre through its gameplay that always involves a player controlled character in an interactive story.

The Adventure games design


Adventure games usually contain a lot of puzzle solving elements. These games require the player to decode the messages, find and use items, open the locked doors, or explore the new locations, etc so, puzzles solving is one of the most important elements in this game genre's design. Usually in this genre, after solving a puzzle will unlock the way to a new area in the game world, give a chance for the player to explore more about the game story. And all the logic puzzles which are designed in this game genre with abstract interfaces are the attractive points of these games because they require the player has deductive and reasoning skills.

Collecting and using items

A lot of adventure games require the player to collect and use items from their inventory. As mentioned above that this game genre contains a lot of puzzle solving elements, so, collecting and using items is also the important element in its design. Usually, the player will collect and use items as a key to create another item or unlock some things.

In addition, the player often needs to carry the collected items for a long time before they prove useful. This feature helps this game genre becomes more challenges because it tests the player's memory, requires he to recall a piece of information from earlier in the game.

Story, setting, and themes

Adventure games focus on the story and usually set in single-player mode, so, more than any other genre, these games depend on their story and setting to create an attractive single player experience.

The games are often set in an immersive environment, virtual world, and try to vary the setting from chapter to chapter to create the novelty and interesting points for the player. The popular theme in adventure games usually is the comedy and the player completes the games by trying actions or combinations that are ridiculous or impossible.

In an adventure game, the player often has to embark in a quest or is required to explore a mystery, control the character and start the game without knowledge and experience.

Dialogue and conversation trees

Being known as a genre contains a lot of puzzle solving elements, so, dialogue and conversation trees are the important elements of this game genre's design. Conversing with characters in the game can reveal clues to the player about how to solve puzzles. In addition, some other conversations also allow the player to have far-reaching consequences, sometimes may help him to know about the important secrets to complete the game.

Goals, success, and failure

The primary goal in adventure games is usually designed for the completion of an assigned quest, and of course, the success is completing the game with a high score and a lot of rewards.

In addition, the failure in adventure games is that the player can't complete all the assigned quests. However, because of without a clearly identified enemy, the player character in these games won't have died, they just can't explore all about the game story.

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