4 Games Like Swing Copters

Games Like Swing Copters

Swing Copters is a game developed by the same developer (Developed by Dong Nguyen and published by Gears Studios) as Flappy Bird is a very great Physics-based Puzzle video game. In fact, in Flappy Bird we had a bird who needed help to go through the pipes sideways, but in Swing Copters we have a little dude with a propeller on his own head and all he wants to do is to go upwards and through the obstacles. This game is a little bit less hard to play as compared to the Flappy Bird. This game, with almost the same feeling, Swing Copters is a really great game to play if you want to try out something new and exciting. You can discover this game on both IOS and Android. Give it a try and you will absolutely fall in love with its amazing features.

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2. Iron Pants

Iron Pants
Iron Pants is a game developed by UAB Applava probably which is one of the best games of this specific type and offers a deeply inspired gameplay to the popular Flappy Bird video game. This super addictive game is... View more

4. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird
Who isn’t familiar with Flappy Bird? A Physics-based Side-Scrolling Android and IOS game that asks people to beak their devices out of frustration was developed by Dong Nguyen a Vietnam based programmer and it was published by the Gears Studios.... View more