52 Games Like Fortnite for PC

Games Like Fortnite

Developed and published by Epic Games, Fortnite is the complication of the Third-person Perspective, Survival, and Sandbox elements with Single-playerand Multiplayer modes for multiple platforms. Come to Fornite, you will experience the perfect survival game which includes crafting, exploring, scavenging and even building. Of course, It’s such a waste if we don’t mention the game’s battling elements. Fornite lets it players to fight against monsters and hordes of enemies like a real Hero. But first, the player needs to pick his favourite character among the set of beautiful characters the game offers. The game servers four character classes including Ninja, Soldier, Outlander and Constructor. They all have different personalities and appear in a stunning look with the help of glamourous graphics. It doesn’t seem like you’re going to be alone in this game since Fornite requires the players to be colleagues which means collecting items in the game will be done by the player and his teammates. These items will be in need for building structures and completing objectives as well. It’s up to the player to edit the structures’ walls by using a 3×3 grid, roofs, lay down stairs, etc. To progress through the rough gameplay, the player gotta interact with NPCs, complete objectives using a third-person view. The ultimate task is remaining as the last man on the play field and become the master.

With key features, Fornite is a kind game for your free time. Don’t forget to check out the games like Fortnite that let you explore the wonderful game worlds. Read below for more information.

2. Tree of Life

Tree of Life
Tree of Life which developed and published by OddoneGames is a fantasy-themed, 3D sandbox, a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game. The game combines elements of shape, build, and explore the experience to bring great games. It takes place in the fabulous world populated with other... View more

4. Wurm Online

Wurm Online
Wurm Online is a great 3D MMORPG, sandbox video game. The game allows you to play on servers that are designed to let you compete in PvP and Realm vs Realm combat events. It also lets you get into the game world empty-handed and provides with... View more

6. FortressCraft Evolved: Frozen Factory Expansion

FortressCraft Evolved: Frozen Factory Expansion
FortressCraft Evolved: Frozen Factory Expansion, which is developed by ProjectorGames, is an interesting Expansion Pack for FortressCraft Evolved. This game is designed for multiple platforms. FortressCraft Evolved: Frozen Factory Expansion allows you to enter dangerous dungeons to find new materials. With rare ingredients, you can research... View more

7. MicroTale

MicroTale is a sandbox, traditional role-playing, adventure, and single-player video game. In the game, you will get into the role of the protagonist and the main task of you is to manipulate the world from a side-scroll perspective, build the lost civilizations, fight monsters, and progress... View more

9. Brick Force

Brick Force
Brick Force, which is developed by Exe Games in collaboration with Infernum, is an indie, sandbox building, and FPS video game. This game allows you to create maps and worlds brick by brick and share the data with other online game players around the world. The... View more

11. Realm Royale

Realm Royale
Realm Royale is an interesting battle royale and MMO video game that was developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows. This game also acts as a part of Paladins video game and provides the players with the same gameplay as many other games in... View more

12. King Arthur's Gold

King Arthur's Gold
King Arthur’s Gold is an excellent sandbox video game which allows you to become a king in a world comprised of 3D blocks. It takes place in a cool medieval era, giving you a chance to build a solid castle, turn it into a fortress and... View more

13. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (shortened as TABG) created and published by Landfall, which is a Battle Royale and Multiplayer video game for Microsoft Windows. The game serves as the spin-off of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and it is centered on Battle Royale genre, with amazing emphasis on... View more

14. Ark: Survival of the Fittest

Ark: Survival of the Fittest
Developed and published by Studio Wildcard,Ark: Survival of the Fittest (also known as Ark: Sotf) is a F2P, Open World, First-person Shooter, Survival, and Multiplayer video game with Battle Royale twist. It’s a perfect complication of Survival Arena elements and the MMORPG. Ark: Survival of the... View more

15. Burst: The Game

Burst: The Game
Created by Lancelot De Briey and published by Brieyla Studios Burst: The Game is a Battle Royale, Action-Adventure, First-person Shooter, and Multiplayer video game. Taking place in the open world, Burst: The Game features a thrilling story. It tells the player that the team of terrorist conquered the government and... View more

16. Hurtworld

Hurtworld developed and published by Bankroll Studios, which is an Open World, Survival, First-person and Third-person Aspect video game for multiple platforms. It offers the obstacle survival gameplay with centers on survival progression. The game takes you in the massive environment full of rival players, resources,... View more

17. Darwin Project

Darwin Project
Darwin Project developed and published by Scavengers Studio, which is an awesome 3D Action-Adventure, Third-person Shooter, and Online Multiplayer video game. The game offers Survival elements as well which for Microsoft Windows. The game takes you in the dystopian post-apocalyptic environment in the Northern Canadian Rockies. ... View more

20. sZone Online

sZone Online
Published and developed by Cybertime System, sZone Online is the mixture of the Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, Survival Elements and Battle Royale genre. It’s free-to-play with the appearance of PvP arena mode and crafting system. The player will choose his favorite character from the set of... View more

21. The Skies

The Skies
Developed and published by Eforb, The Skies is an interesting Action-Adventure, Survival, Open World, Multiplayer and FPS video game which is mixed with the elements from Battle Royale. It offers the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing elements in the post-apocalyptic-themed world without linear gameplay. Along with going... View more

22. Black Squad

Black Squad
Created by NS Studio and published by Neowix, Black Squad is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Military-themed, First-person Shooter and Team-based video gamed for Microsoft Windows. It doesn’t only bring you perfect shooting mechanics but also an adventure gameplay. Engaging the player in the exciting FPS experience,... View more

26. Castle Story

Castle Story
Castle Story is a cool voxel-based, sandbox, and survival game. It takes you to an awesome strategically enhanced adventurous gameplay. Like other sandbox games, Castle Story allows its players to explore a great massive 3D world where they can gather... View more

28. Cube World

Cube World
Cube World takes its players to an awesome beautiful game world of Voxel based style. It offers the best combination of Fantasy, RPG, and Action-Adventure elements. This game provides with Minecraft and Zelda inspired mechanics and allows its players to explore some randomly generated cool... View more

30. Blockland

Blockland is an awesome voxel-based, MMO, and sandbox game. This video game is set in a cool game world made of blocked and blocks. Blockland is a unique open world with no goals, no missions, and it allows you to explore freely in this... View more

31. Starbound

Starbound is an awesome addictive role-playing, Indie, and Action-Adventure video game. It is developed by Chucklefish Games. The game fixes you up into a character of the game’s protagonist who flies from the planet and crashes on another one. The... View more

32. Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades is a great Sandbox, MMO, and FPS video game. It takes you to an interesting combination of building, shooting, exploring, and crafting elements. This game mostly resembles these games like Minecraft, Brick Force, or Team Forest. It... View more

33. Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles
Cubic Castle is truly a cool Sandbox and MMO video game. The game lets you build your base in a cool 3D open game world with the help of these unique cubes. You are a part of this game world,... View more

34. Miner of Duty

Miner of Duty
Miner of Duty, which is an awesome mix-up of two well-known video games Call of Duty and Minecraft, is a cool Sandbox, indie, FPS, and building video game. This game features both single and multiplayer gaming modes, super 3D graphics,... View more

37. Salem

Salem is an interesting upcoming Freemium Shooting, Sandbox, and MMORPG Video game, which is made by Mortal Moments. This game is set in the 17th Century in England; it focuses on the Witchcraft and Lovecraftian elements. The game Salem allows... View more

43. A Valley Without Wind 2

A Valley Without Wind 2
A Valley Without Wind 2 is really an awesome marvelous piece of art, compared to many other games of this unique genre. This game offers many cool elements such as Action-Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Exploration, Building,Platform, and Crafting… Like the game... View more

52. My Little Blacksmith Shop

My Little Blacksmith Shop
My Little Blacksmith Shop is a great Action, Crafting, First-person Perspective, and Single-player Exploration game. It is available to play on Microsoft Windows devices. This game takes place in an open environment and it offers you the freedom to explore these landscapes, unleash... View more