56 Games Like Dead by Daylight

Games Like Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a great Multiplayer and Horror-Survival video game, which is developed by Behaviour Interactive as well as published by Starbreeze Studio. This game takes place in a cool unforgivable environment filled with dangerous creatures, challenging obstacles, and deadly traps. The plot centers on a group of survivors (4 players). You can play the role of a killer while the other three players are these survivors. These survivors can navigate the game world from a third-person view, and the killer can play with the first-person view. Note that you can play as a survivor or a killer. The final task is to escape the land by repairing the generators or run to a door (it will open when have only one survivor left). There are many different characters for a killer, such as the Wraith, the Trapper, or the Nurse... Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

Give us a chance to bring you a list which contains many games like Dead by Daylight. Please feel free to take them. Read below.

1. Killzone 2

Killzone 2
Created by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Killzone 2 is a First-person Shooter (FPS), Single-player and Multiplayer video game. It’s the second title in the franchise of Killzone and brings in the gameplay that is pretty similar to the one in the... View more

2. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2 by Valve Corporation is a wonderfully engaging single and multiplayer, FPS video game. The game allows you to take part in one of the two mercenary teams, choose your character from 9 main classes and battle against the enemies by using state of... View more

3. Tribes 2

Tribes 2
Tribes 2 developed by Dynamix and published by Loki Entertainment is an amazing combination of Action-Adventure, First-person Shooter and Exploration video game that support for Windows and Linux. The game provides both Single-player and Multiplayer modes and occurs in the future 3941 in the imaginary Earthsiege... View more

6. Iron Front: Liberation 1944

Iron Front: Liberation 1944
Deep Silver developed Iron Front: Liberation 1944 as a Single and Multiplayer Co-op Tactical Shooter video game. In a World War II era where the game takes place, it offers both German and Soviet campaigns and missions. In this game, you are allowed to select Russian... View more

7. Killzone

Killzone, which is made by both Guerrilla Cambridge, Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, is a great shooting game series. It has 6 games that are available to enjoy on the PlayStation devices. Killzone bases on the hardcore action element; it talks about a... View more

8. Area 51

Area 51
Area 51 which developed by Midway Austin and published by Midway Games is a first-person shooter, sci-fi, and futuristic. In the game, you are put in the role of the protagonist named Ethan Cole and the story around your efforts to fight against unknown species and... View more

9. State of Decay

State of Decay
Undead Labs developed State Of Decay as an Action-Adventure, RPG, Horror Survival and Third person Shooter video game for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The player will be taken to an era of devastation after a Zombie Apocalypse. All of the population on earth is... View more

12. Clive Barker's Undying

Clive Barker's Undying
Clive Barket's Undying, which is developed by Dreamworks Interactive and published by EA Games. According to the story, taking on the role of an adventurer named Patrick Galloway, you must struggle to interrogate the mysteries of the occult along with his beloved fellow named Jeremiah Covenant.... View more

13. Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein is an action, first-person shooter, single and multiplayer video game which developer is by Raven Software and publisher is Activision. You can play this game on multiple platforms. The game is set in the WWII-themed world called Isenstadt. As the game progresses, the world's population,... View more

14. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3
With the familiar game-play as predecessors in the famous series – Far Cry, Far Cry 3 has a combined game-play with many elements of Action-Adventure, RPG and First-Person Shooter video game. Far Cry 3 is developed and published by Ubisoft Montreal. The game will take places... View more

15. Doom 64

Doom 64
Created and published by Midway Games, Doom 64 is a Horror-themed, FPS (First-person Shooter) and Single-player video game which serves as the extension to series of the Doom. Doom 64 makes players progresses through 32 levels in which they will have to gather keys and fight... View more

16. Urban Crime

Urban Crime
Urban Crime by Gameloft is a free-to-play, massive hit shooter, and action-adventure video game. According to the storyline, you are allowed to be the top-notch Mafioso and survive while saving your gang from the enemies. Your main goal is to take control of the Mafia business... View more

17. Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl
Stalker Shadow OF Chernobyl is a game released by THQ Studios which is one of the most valued and greatly admired game based on the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor incident in Ukraine. This First-person Shooter game brings with an extreme Action-packed and... View more

18. Killzone 3

Killzone 3
Created by Guerrilla Games, Killzone 3 is a First-person Shooter (FPS), Single and Multiplayer video game. The game serves as the fourth title in the popular Killzone series. With a breathtaking story, Killzone 3 promises better experiences for the player. The player will engage himself... View more

19. Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Aliens: Colonial Marines is a good choice for you today if you are looking for something to entertain you after a long day at work, let us tell you why. First of all, the game puts you in the role of a US Colonial Marine,... View more

23. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2
Dead Trigger 2 is a super immersive action video game which gives you a chance to proceed with your Zombie chasing narratives. The game provides a stunning Action-pressed interactivity on your iPhone or Android system. With super cool visuals, simple controls,... View more

26. Dead Realm

Dead Realm
Dead Realm is a survival, horror, strategy-depended, and first-person perspective video game with a multiple-player mode. It was conducted by Section Studios and published by 3Blackdot. This game opens a brutal world with a horror style, where the players have to struggle to escape... View more

27. Killing Floor

Killing Floor
Killing floor is the best game of Tripwire Interactive with single-player and multiple-player modes, which is a mixture of co-op first-person-shooter factors. The game’s background is taken in England, London, where the Horzine Biotech’s Mass Cloning and Genetic Manipulation project have some mistakes, leading... View more

33. Warframe

Warframe, which is developed by Digital Extremes, is an awesome FPS video game. The plot of the game is about the Tenno Warriors, who have woken up from years long cryo-sleep. In this game, there is a big war between Humans, Grineer (Humanoid Clones), The Corpus... View more

34. Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights
Spiral Knights is a browser-based MMORPG video game and you don’t need to pay any cost when playing this game. The game takes place on the planet Isora and features the protagonist as a Knight of the Spiral Order. The game begins with the protagonist's ship... View more

35. Book of Demons

Book of Demons
Stealth yourself in this creepy dungeons with traditional combat game style as you play in an isometric point of view. As a solo-player type of RPG, Book of Demons won't fail to entertain you with its unique fantasy theme. Challenge yourself through different chambers, defeat witches... View more

36. Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2
Torchlight 2 which developed and published by Runic Games playable is an action-adventure and role-playing game. The story of the game is about the protagonist who walks through different dungeons and fights with monsters of different types and gains experience points and loot. Contrary to its... View more

38. H1Z1: Just Survive

H1Z1: Just Survive
H1Z1: Just Survive is known as an exciting game with the great mixture of many elements, such as Sandbox Style Action and Thrill filled Horror-Survival, Third-person, and MMO. The game takes place in Rural America and in practice, you will be left in the middle of... View more

39. ZombiU

ZombiU is a super amazing Action-Adventure, Horror Survival, and Shooter game. In practice, the game takes place in London and allows you to take on the role of the protagonist, who is a survivor of a zombie outbreak. During the gameplay, all of your goals are... View more

44. Duke Nukem Advance

Duke Nukem Advance
Duke Nukem Advance is an awesome Action-Adventure, FPS, Single-player and Multiplayer game, which is developed by Torus Games as well as published by Take-Two Interactive. This game offers a cool 3D environment and offers four different hard levels that you can select at... View more

45. Black Mesa

Black Mesa
Black Mesa is a wonderful version of Half-Life and it is highly regarded by game critics. The game has a gaming environment which is similar to gameplay and the backstory. Black Mesa brings the players to brilliant new adventures of Gordon Freeman. In the game, you... View more

48. Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger
Dead Trigger, which developed and published by Madfinger Games for Android and iOS gaming platforms, is a first-person shooter and a zombie-themed action-adventure video game. The game is set in an apocalyptic background. The game begins in the vicinity of a game world is hampered, infected... View more