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Action games is a video game genre. This game genre focus on the element of physical challenges including both coordination of hand and eye and reaction time. No matter what you want to do: jump past obstacles, fight against a lot of devilish enemies, or anything else, action games can still satisfy your demands. Here, we recommend you with thousands of interesting action games. Have we mentioned that all our games including action games are free to play and require nothing more than a web browser yet? If not, we are very pleasure to announce you that whether they are classic 2D platform games or beautiful 3D graphics games, they are still free to play on our website.

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About action games

The action games is a video game genre that has a lot of action elements, requires the player to have high coordination between hands and eyes. This genre includes a lot of sub-genres such as fighter games, shooter games, defend tower games, and platform games, etc... In many situations, both massively multiplayer online video games and real-time strategy games are also considered as action games.

In an action game, the player usually controls a character or avatar to take part in the game world. This character will have to navigate a level, collect treasures, weapons, or any objects (depending on the gameplay of that game), battle against enemies or monsters by using its natural skills, weapons, or any other tools.

Usually, at the end of a level or group of levels, the player must face with a boss of the enemy that owns much more powerful and more difficult to defeat than any enemies that he has just defeated. This boss is often a major antagonist in the game's story. Moreover, in this game genre, the health and lives of the player's character will be depleted after the enemy attacks and obstacles. The game will over when the health and lives run out or when the player completes all the levels in the game.

Defining elements of action games

As mentioned above, the action game genre includes any game that requires the player to overcomes challenges by physical means and reaction time, and this genre also includes a lot of sub-genres game such as race, puzzles, or collecting the objects, strategy and exploration, etc, however, these elements are not the center of the game. They will be set quite simple in the action games because the player in this genre game has to endure the pressure of the time.

Game design


All the action games include a lot of levels and the players will win an action game by completing all the levels of this one. All the levels are often gathered into a group by theme, with similar graphics and enemies will be called a world. Each level will have a lot of challenges and the type of challenge is depending on the gameplay, the player must overcome all the level to win the game. Many older games don't have the checkpoints, so, they force the player to restart the level after dying. However, many other new games have these checkpoints, so, the player can restart partway through the level. A special point of action games is that the obstacles and enemies in a level don't usually vary between the play sessions, so, the player can learn how to pass it by trial and error.

In addition, the action games often use the time restrictions to create more challenges for the player. When the time run out, the player will lose a life; when the player completes the level in time, he will earn score or anything else in the game.

Although levels of action games are very difficult, it is still very attractive because of the great reward that the player will earn after finishing each level.

Character abilities

In almost of action games, the player will control a single avatar or character as the protagonist to join the game world. This character will have various special skills and abilities such as shooting, punching, jumping, etc. Some other action games allow their character to use a powerful attack to destroy all the enemies within a limited range, however, this attack is extremely rare.

In addition, there are a lot of action games allow the players to improve their character's skills, abilities, and weapons, etc such as an increase in speed, more powerful attack, unlocking some special skills. In order to do that, the players will have to participate in a lot of battle, complete many quests to earn experience points, or collect as many treasures as possible to purchase the upgrade.

Obstacles and enemies

It can say that obstacles and enemies are the most important parts in an action game. In this genre, the players will have to face a lot of obstacles, traps, and cruel enemies. The obstacles and traps can close-up the player or even make him lose a life. Besides that, the enemies in action games usually follow fixed patterns and attack the player. However, along with the development of technology, there are a lot of new action games offer the user NPCs with artificial intelligence that allow them to pursue the players. Moreover, some other action games even allow the players to fight with many other real-people from all over the world, which makes the enemies in action games become so abundant and interesting.

A special point in action games is that at the end of a level or group of levels, the player will have to face with a boss of the enemies. This boss owns much more powerful and more difficult to defeat than any enemies that he has seen.

Health and lives

In many action games, the character will have a certain number health (usually called HP) and if this HP runs out, the player will lose a life. The HP of character will be depleted by the attack of the enemies and many other hazards. The player will have to restart the game either from the same location they died, a checkpoint, or the start of the level when he loses a life. And when all the lives run out, the game will over. However, the player can also earn extra lives by reaching a certain score. In addition, there are a lot of newer action games provide the players with unlimited lives.

Graphics and interface

Action games usually take place in either 2D or 3D graphics. The action games own 2D graphics typically use a side view or top-down view, and the game screen usually scrolls when the player explores the level.

In action games that own 3D graphics, the perspective is usually tied to the character from the perspective of a first person or third person

About the interface of action games, all the things that the player need to know are contained in only one screen although this genre frequently has to use the screen to display a lot of important information such as health or ammunition.

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