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About Coolgameslike.com

Coolgameslike is the best place for finding games like your favorite ones that is loved by the gaming community around the world. Here, we provide you with all the new and interesting games that related with the game you love or hate. You just tell us the name of the game, we will show you a list of all the games that owned genre, graphics, gameplay, and storyline similar to this one you have just given us.

With Coolgameslike, you can rapidly find out, experience, and enjoy all the games like your favorite ones without any charge.

The special features make us become different and popular

Synthetic and Accurate:

We always try to gather and classify all the games which are related together about graphics, gameplay, genre, and storyline to provide you with the fullest and most exact of information. At this time, we have gathered more than 10000 game titles, so, with this huge information system, we are confident to make sure that, no matter any game title that you give us, we still can provide you with at least 5 game titles (usually is more than 20 game titles) similar to it.

Simple and friendly:

We always want to bring you a simple and friendly interface, a rapid and easy way to find out all the games similar to your favorite ones, so, we have optimized our interface into a clear and light one. Moreover, in order to help you to find games easier, we also provide you with a review post for each game. In these posts, we offer you all the information about the game, so, you can choose the best game that suitable for you easily.

Safe and saving:

Coolgameslike.com is a safe place for you to discover all the games you love and you don't have to worry about anything. You will not have to download anything from our website and it means there is no risk for your device. In addition, all the links that we provide you are safe. We have selected carefully to make sure that they are the sites of the developers and reputable organization, so, on Coolgameslike.com, there is nothing can harm you and your devices. Moreover, you have to pay nothing for our services, all of them are free!

About Coolgameslike.com’s founders

We are a young team with 7 people who are friends together and have love and passion with playing video games. In fact, we love playing games when we were still the boys. At that time, we used to try to find all the games like our favorite game, experience them, and discuss together about each game. With this experience, we realized that it is quite difficult to find out all the games like a game about both genre, gameplay, and graphics. So, we decided to do that - create this website - Coolgameslike.com to satisfy our passion and provide the users with a simple and easy way to try all the games like their favorite games.

Finally, if you are also a person who loves playing game, and you have any recommendations for us about the game or anything else, please feel free to contact us!

Email: [email protected]

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